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August 01, 2008


denise f in c'ville, va

that rickie lee is a killer. she nails it. i wish we could see the painting. I think it's gotta be an extraordinary memory -- your artist mother coming to lend a hand or guide you a bit. a collaboration around the man you love.


RLJ captures everything every every time. She is my desert island music.


Thanks for bringing it all home Wendy. Have a nice weekend.


What can one say... Knit those feelings.


Give yourself a break will you?

I miss my mom too.



This is what I love about your writing. You tell the truth. You make me laugh and you make me cry. I appreciate that so much....
I'm half way through The easy flame lace scarf in a hand painted fingering yarn (could be cherry hill, don't remember) and it is so beautiful and EASY! great pattern!!!


I LOVE your temari ball! Is that seriously knitted? I need one in my life. =)


You make me laugh......and you make me cry..... thanks.


Beautiful. All of it.

Lynne Lambe

Wendy, Thank you with your written words you connect, help, and inspire so many.
This week I told my dearest knitting friend, I guess I have to go back to making scarves it’s the only thing I seem to make that turns out well. Each time I try to make anything to wear well let’s just say….Worst then the worst bathing suit on, so I flip flop it into a pillow, or rip it out , ball it up and put it in my stash under the bed.
But in today’s blog you remind me why I love knitting
It’s not the end result, it’s the creative process.
Thank you! I look forward to your book, Are any of your individual patterns that you show on your website, idiot proof easy? When I get up some courage, I could buy it and give it a try.
Next time I have to start over I’ll try Throwing it up in the air!


I just haven't quite got the bottom of your ill/will towards our mum, but fear not! shit happens.

Hopefully, similar shit just might work itself out, for my own family? Gaaah.


gaah, I meant towards 'your' mum...



Hi Wendy :)
I just found everything about this post truly touching. Just want you to know how much we all appreciate your heartfelt thoughts and ideas being shared. You really do touch so many. Thanks so much for that!
I don't find it odd to wish you would have mentioned your mom to the woman you met. I really appreciate those little moments, lessons, "if I only knew" kind of things. They are so valuable to share, even though there was really no harm done, just mentioning it here means so much to someone who may find themselves in a similar situation who still has the opportunity.

I love the story you share about your mom. I have always loved creating, whether in drawing, painting, ceramics, knitting... and I would have loved to be able to share that with someone close to me ,even though recently things have become very strained with my own mom... I'm sure I have a number of life lessons to be learned from my relationship with her, but its not always easy!

Your latest Temari ball is fantastic. It makes me want to try but it does look a little intimidating.

Anyway, many thanks for all you share with us! Hope you have a great weekend.


Sweet, sweet post, Wendy!


Very sweet post. I love the concept of creating just to create, not necessarily for the outcome. Process vs. Product. I love it.

I also love your new Temari ball! Black and white and green is one of my absolute favorite color combinations. I once checked out a book from the library about Temari, and I was completely inept at translating the directions into something that even remotely made sense to me. I admire your ability to do it! Beautiful work!


Lovely!!!! You can send that ball to me and I'd happily display it! I love Temari but have never had the patience to sit down and finish one!

Lovely story about your mum. :-)

Can I ask what HWWV means?


He Who Wears Versace. (That is my husband, but he can't afford it anymore. So we may as well translate it to: He Who Wore Versace.)

Melissa in Oklahoma



I love how the pattern in your blouse mimics the pattern of your temari ball!


All I can say is you simply touch my heart and soul! Thank you so so much for this blog! Mine seems rather mundane in compairsion. Geesh I wish they had spell check on here! Huggs and God Bless you


I'm truly sorry for your loss. I hope that you work through your daemons, because they look as though they could be ugly. Good luck!


Sting did a remake of My One and Only Love and it was my DH wedding song. I just love it!


Sie haben eine schöne Seite!

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