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August 10, 2008



That is such a wonderful thing to say! How lucky to have that ability, for both of you and to be able to articulate it so perfectly. Lovely.


awe that is so sweet!!!


Very sweet indeed!


I am with you on the hip thing. I just had mine injected with cortisone due to inflammation of the sacroiliac joint and I haven't been able to even walk lately. But I can still knit!

I hope your hip continues to get better and that you can get back out there and run (or even walk fast)!



(when I was pregnant with the boy 10 years ago the BK chicken sandwich was my only craving!)


Oh how I dream of going to Jack in the Box. The greesy taco's is what I remember. Yes they are horrable for you! But alas I miss them! I live in Indiana and no Jack in the box. I asked my sister 2 yrs ago for the silly antenna guy but she has not sent me one as of yet! Any way thanks for shareing. Love Love the colors of the yarn!!! God Bless Marion


As always, a great post. Love the sock yarn!


That's so cool. Husbands kinda rock :D


love the relationship observations...AS Wanett says Husbands do rock. Mine did the school supply schlep with our 2 high schoolers yesterday so I could be in the house alone....


I love Shi Bui knits yarn! Mmmmm...


What a wonderful thing to say!

I have some hip problems too. Such a PITA!


Yup. That happened to me too. I lost a lot of hair and became very anemic. I know lots of people do it. Don't know what I did wrong.

donna lee

I like the Shibui sock yarn. It's so nice to work with. Having a spouse who has a hobby or interest that coincides with your own cannot be overvalued! It is so nice to have him listen to me talk and then listen to him talk about his craft. Mine is into woodworking and a hand made personalized spinning wheel is in my future.


I haven't eaten meat for nearly 5 years. But the past couple of weeks I have had the heaviest urges for chicken wings of all things. And I found no reason to deny my body this when it craved it so much. But it was the strangest feeling to pop a tray of wings in the oven to share with my boyfriend (who was very happy, considering he eats meat, but haven't had any for dinner at home since he met me...)!

So my kitchen smelt of chicken - and yes, it was really wierd! :)


What an awesome thing for you husband to say! Isn't it cool when they randomly reveal that they think something you do is really cool -- especially when you didn't think they really thought about it much to begin with. Boys can be so funny that way. And really sweet. :)


The bag! Who makes the bag that I see in the photo? Can't believe I'm the only one to comment on it. :).


It is by Offhand Designs. I ordered the bag from the Loopy Ewe, too. I think it is called the "Zhivago" bag.


I love the Offhand Designs bags. They rock!! I love the 'Chicks in a Row' fabric. And Shi Bui, yuuuuuummmmmmyyyyyyy....


I'm sorry your hip is still causing you so much pain. What's the medical diagnosis? Is therapy helping at all? I know you were trying to avoid surgery.


I have a torn labrum in the left hip and hip tendonitis. It is a real byatch.


Yes, it is a byatch. I've had problems with my knee this year and have put weight on. Its a real "Catch 22" injury/exercise/weight gain. Wonderful relationship observations.


ok... if i wasnt drunk (yeah i just finished the bottle after that last post that took me three days and twice as many remaining brain cells to write)... i'd tell you that i looooove your husband, but i'm drunk so that would come across as too 'bud light' so i'll just say... you done good... he wasnt even trying to compliment YOU, he was proud of HIM hahah... gotta love a good guy! they dont finish last... EVER


oh.... and dont be offended... but read: healing back pain by john sarno... my doctor PRESCRIBED it when i was lookin for some (ok i'll say it) DRUGS because my back was killing me... (sciatica) and i thought... ok, this is what i get for picking a dr who was more "holistic" in her views... i read it skeptically... but my wine glass is empty and back hasnt hurt since i read it (as much as i HATE to admit it) and yeah... i cant get any aderall outta her either (not that i really want to but as per previous post need to find a smaller me or a better excuse than, i just had a baby 10 months ago)! haha

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