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August 12, 2008



Oy, those darn socks! You should have spent the stimulus check on yarn!

And, I agree with those women - those little tiny gymnasts don't look 16.

donna lee

I agree with the family. That looks like an ideal way to spend the stimulus check! Enjoy your vacation and beast that sock into submission!


Yes! Go now!


If you DO go there I want you to know that I fit easily into a carry on bag. :D


We went to Legoland when it first opened and it was great. But we only paid $9 a ticket and it wasn't very crowded.

The resort looks like a much better place to spend your time!


Ditto for Legoland experience! We went when it wasn't crowded and still waited in line...they could use some organizational advice from Disney!
Now the Resort looks wonderful! What time of year would you recommend??


That resort is lovely. I had a friend who got married there a couple of years ago and I wanted to move right in.

Avoid all theme parks other than Disneyland, and even then only go at night and NOT during the summer.I was a Disneyland passholder for ~10 years and you couldn't pay me enough to go during the day in the summer. The park is way more fun between 8pm-12am. Plus, I'm not sure if Legoland serves beverages. . . but California Adventure now serves booze.

So at least if you've gotta go to a theme park in the daytime during summer you can have a cocktail while you knit/rip your hair out. :)


We went to Legoland with our boys in May. The crowds weren't so bad then, but the weather was cold. The boys loved the park. They are 6 and 4 so that's probably why.


I live in San Diego, and because of a job perk, I got to hang out at the Lodge during the U.S. Open. I tell you what. That place made me proud to be a San Diegan. (Even though I guess it's technically in La Jolla.) It's gorgeous. So well done. The restaurant is supposed to be really good as well. But if you need some other local foodie recommendations, let me know. The weather has actually been a little chilly by the coast lately. You'll need a sweater at night. Hey. Do you know where you might get one of those?


. . . Not in my suitcase. I'm freezing!


That resort looks awesome! Have a great trip!


Spimply Have fun!!!


We hit Legoland when we went last summer. First and LAST time we'll do that. I think our kids liked the aircraft carrier better!


I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about Legoland. Luckily the summer camp my son goes to takes a field trip there, so he gets his fix and I don't have to set foot in the place.


I was thinking the SAME THING about the Chinese female gymnasts - so tiny next to the american team!


legoland was such a disappointment and i traveled 3,000 to pay 60 bucks to look at murky water and standing in crowds of people all days long. not my idea of fun. torrey pines looks beautiful! have a blast! btw- i think the chinese think they are pulling the wool over our eyesl; forget 16...they dont even look 13!


legoland was such a disappointment and i traveled 3,000 to pay 60 bucks to look at murky water and standing in crowds of people all days long. not my idea of fun. torrey pines looks beautiful! have a blast! btw- i think the chinese think they are pulling the wool over our eyes; forget 16...they dont even look 13!


I'm totally with the German lady. One of those lovely little gymnasts looked like she was about 8 years old. Shawn Johnson is tiny too, but she looks 16.


Thanks for the heads up on Legoland. I keep thinking we should branch out when we go to Disneyland, but reviews of various places say not to bother!

BTW, You're tagged. See my blog for details.

sue Treiber

It's a good thing that I live all the way across the country or my son would be pestering me constantly to go to Legoland!


The Lodge is FANTASIC!! My friend and I go by for a drink every now and again - especially when it is "cold", so we can sit by the fire in the great room. They have a great pool too - not that the weather is very accomodating for that today. Birch Aquarium is not far and La Jolla Cove has a cave and seals - I bet girlfriend would have a blast!


I'm sorry you didn't have fun at Legoland but then you didn't like Disneyland either, did you? Maybe your family should just avoid theme parks all together and enjoy that lovely pool.
I guess my daughter, granddaughter and I aren't very discriminating or sophisticated. Hot, cold, crowded or not, we always find something to enjoy as long as we go together.


The Chinese gymnasts are fantastically talented, but there is no way they are sixteen. Enjoy the resort. It looks like a nice place for knitting.

Arlin C.

I agree about them looking very young, but! here are the hard facts I know:
- My grandfather (who was born in China and later immigrated to Indonesia) doesn't know his own birthday, not even the year he was born--I don't believe the Chinese bureaucratic system has changed that much to allow for perfect accuracy in signing birth certificates and stuff.
- My aunt is 5' and 77 lbs. She had given birth to two sons.
- Asian girls tend to have menstruation later in life than American girls (I think it's something in the American diet of fried chicken, burger, and frozen meals that affect Americans' growth hormones) thus they still grow taller even after they're 16-years-old.
- Asian people look younger than their actual age if judged base on Western standards. I'm 26 and people still ask me whether I'm a junior or a senior in college.
- Discovery channel has a coverage about Chinese school for gymnasts: the school doesn't accept kids over 4 years old, and they trained them for a year before determining whether or not they have 'promising' talent. The untalented ones get thrown out, and their parents said goodbye to the tuition fee. So 5-year-old kids are trained ruthlessly, 24/7, their bones and muscles twisted and bent and turned and trained in such a way that they almost always cry in pain; they go on in this fashion for 10 or so excruciating years...to win gold medals in the Olympic Games. And along with their gold medals, $100K and lifelong support for their family from the government. Should we criticize and demean this way of life by accusing them for being underage?

Hahaha sorry for posting this very long unrelated-to-knitting comment. Just can't resist it after so much coverage in the news.


I think we do have a right to criticize. She is likely too young to make choices for herself and the emotional and physical rigors she goes thru cannot be good, even if her family benefits from her sacrifice.

I will also say that I do know about the size of many Asians. I married into a Chinese family who live in an Asian country. My neice, who is eleven, could easily pass as the same age as the gymnast in question.

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