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August 15, 2008



I love the picture of you using the cable needle necklace:)Hugs Darcy


I love the story - Have fun painting! And, I'm pretty darn sure you aren't a dolt....


I spy a kindle, I love mine!


Great hat!


To error is human to forgive is devine. That inclues yourself! Huggs and good luck with the room. God Bless marion

sue Treiber

I love the looks of that necklace. I think I would likely stab myself in the belly with it!


There must be something in the air. Last week I decided to move all of my bookshelves upstairs and the bed in the spare room downstairs. Note to self- in spite of it's softness when used properly, a mattress tossed down the stairs will indeed punch a hole in the drywall.

p.s. I pre-ordered your book last week- so exciting!


You mom was always kind to me, and that means a lot.....


Wendy, dear, you never fail to weave a beautiful, lyrical story - one that always touches my heart. Reminds me of my own ma pulling apart radios and TVs, electronic components strung all about. I'd worry she'd never find the right place for each, but strangely she always did and repaired the problem. Love your memories of your mom, some bittersweet, some absolutely touching; all of them so very obviously from your heart. AND AND, dear heart, I am so pleased to get notice this morning from KnitPicks that my YOU KNOW is now being shipped to me!! Wheeeeee! I can't wait!


P.S. Notice I said "my" YOU KNOW. Pardon me please, it is, in fact, your YOU KNOW. I'm beside myself with glee.


Pixie beat me to the Kindle spotting. I have one too and I love the thing.

Sara  L

I have to laugh, i just spend some time chit-chatting this morning with Leslie out here on the east coast @ the Fiber Revival, i come home, and there she is on your blog too. She's a delight, and her necklace is at the top of my Christmas list...

Cat P.

Fun story. I'm going to check out the cable necklace, although I'm try to feel comfortable with not using anything to work cables, just letting those stitches hang out bare till I get to them. Scary! Ditto on the Kindle love!

Heather Whiting

I think our mom's were separated at birth...I'm now exactly the same way...It drives my husband nuts...my daughter on the other hand loves it...


HaHa! Loved the story of your mom moving furniture. My mom was like that too, and she wasn't very big either. Mom didn't work outside of the home. Did yours? I think they got bored a lot! Thanks for the tip about the necklace! Another, why didn't I think of that?!


No, mom never worked when I was in school. She volunteered, though.


I love your cable necklace. Unfortunately,
I do not have the funds to buy one for myself. I also loved the story about your
mom. My mom did that also. She would put
up wallpaper and a month later, she decided
to tear it up and put up something else.
She also kept painting different rooms all
the time. The funny thing is, my father
never noticed. The messy part of the work
was always done by the time he got home.


How are you liking your Kindle for ease of reading?

I see you've succumbed to the Twilight series (bathtub reading, just don't drop the book in the tub)! I just finished the 4th book, and now my daughter and I are waiting for the Twilight movie in November.

Love the cable necklace, very pretty!


Your Mom sounds like a fascinating woman.

The necklace is really pretty and useful. It doesn't get better than that! Pity about the pattern though. Sucks when a mistake in the pattern puts an end to a new beginning.


Love your moms determination!

Great necklace. So clever - love it!


Thanks for the link to the necklace-it's beautiful!
I preordered your book and it got send yesterday-can't wait to receive it! :)


Guess what shipped today?! I'm going to be checking my mailbox like crazy. CONGRATS!

Kathy B.

Hi Wendy - Just got my hands on your new book - a day earlier than distribution date, and want to be among the first to tell you how wonderful it is. I love - and find wearable so many of the designs - and I am a so-called "hard to fit" type - busty and short-waisted - so that is saying a lot. My favorites are "Ingenue" (perfect as is!) the alternative version of the "Backward Cabled Pullover" with the U-shaped neckline; "Skinny Empire" (I'd need a little more ease); "Tang" (the set-in sleeves are the life-saver here) "Jewel" (oh, the simplicity); "Fab Wrap" (color choice and versatility) and the "Essential Tank" (what a gorgeous yarn choice, although I would have to tweak those cut-in armholes for 63-year-old but ageless me). My only sweater so far has been Klaralund, which took me a year, so I tend toward simplicity with a healthy dash of imagination which you have delivered to me magnificently. I am so glad you wrote and I bought, this book.
P.S. This is not a publisher's plant. I mean every word.


My UPS man brought the YOU KNOW to my door today and it's wonderful!


Maybe it is a SoCal thing... I grew up between SD and LA and my grandparents house in the Valley had shag in the bedrooms to "protect" the hardwood floors... up until Grandpa's death when I immediately ripped it out. Why? Because that is what my mom would've done. I can't tell you how many adobe/mission/track duplexes I lived in with "exposed carpet nails". Isn't that how it is "supposed to look". Keep up the great blog. I'm buying the book before I buy any more yarn!

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