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August 25, 2008



I've been seeing the projects popping up on Ravelry and they are making me more and more excited to get my hands on a copy. Congrats on the #1!!


I'm so excited to see that Boulder is on the agenda for the book tour! I live near there and would love to say hello.


Yeah! Seattle. It's a thunder storm here, it would be great to see you in person. I love all your patterns and can't wait to get the book. I love the stories you have on the blog too.

Your painting reminds me of how I get side tracked when I am trying to clean things up and find more interesting things to do.


congratulations on everything, wendy - it all looks so fabulous and your hard work shows. amazingness!


I brought the book with me on sunday to a knit day at Knitch in Atlanta. They are sold out on the book by the way. I found out because while I was there my water bottle leaked in my ravelry knitting bag (which is very water resistant, the water didn't soak into anything.. it just sat in the bag in a puddle, under my copy of the book).

So I was so mad, all the pages got wet, it was awful. So right there on the spot I gave it to another knitting friend who didn't mind it was half ruined, and I came home and ordered a second copy. Hah. Such is life.


I just got my copy of Custom Knits from Amazon today, and I am WAY more pleased than I thought. I saw several designs that I liked, so I went for it, but I really like all your emphasis on how to make the garment actually FIT ME! Wow I have been needing that. Last year I spent months making a top from Knits magazine only to find that the waist/hip area was too tight, and the armholes to gappy. Unflattering to say the least. (sigh). and other knit blogs seem to think I already know how to alter a pattern.
I also like that your designs are sometimes fairly simple. Like everything seems to be lace these days! ACK. I am trying to learn on your easy flame lace stitch and it is making me nuts.(your patterns is fine, its me, I am lacely challenged). I keep ending up with too many stitches, holes seem to crop up even when I am counting and checking. Fortunately, it is forgiving so I am motoring along correcting when I can and hoping it will be presentable when I finish.
SO, a long way of saying I think I am going to love your book!! Thanks


Visiting Seattle?! You're cordially invited to a get-together over here. Just give me 48 hours notice...


My copy of Custom Knits arrived last week. Fantastic!!! There are so many inspiring, wearable designs. Thanks for a great book.


How very exciting for you! I hope your tour keeps you close to home as well...I just down the freeway in the Valley.

Loving the paint in the office - specs please. I have a niche that needs some of the distraction.


I'm so glad to know that my 5 year old isn't the only one going through that stage right now. Must be some organized 5 year old underground meeting about thwarting mommy time that takes place when grown ups aren't looking. I find it amazing though..my daughter is always hungry, but skinny like a twig. I question if she actually eats it or just shoves it under the couch somewhere. :)


I received my copy of Custom Knits today, and you should be so proud of your accomplishment. It is an outstanding book. I love the fact that it has beautiful patterns, but it also has SO much information. My customers' who are huge fans of your patterns and seamless knitting and general, are going to flip for it.

If you are in the Houston area, we would love to host you at our store (Yarntopia).



Congratulations! Boston?!?!?


I asked for a copy for my birthday next month - the family better come thru! Are you going to do a signing at Anacapa??


I'm so tired of all the taupe and earth paint colors i see everywhere... Go chartreuse!


Book just came. Can't talk now: busy drooling, checking stash (yes! enough Silky Wool for Slinky Ribs!), more drooling, ordering more yarn, etc. You are extremely talented and have excellent taste (I'm saying that because I love all the projects, not just because I painted my office a similar green). Can't wait for the Seattle stop on the tour!

Melissa A.

I just suggested my local library purchase the book!


Many many congratulations! I rarely comment but I've been reading you blog since I started knitting, and am a great fan of your writing and your patterns, both of which always manage to be extremely hip and totally down to earth. Thanks for keeping at it and for including us in your process.


I think Virginia has to be included on the book tour. Pretty please.


Woo hoo! Denver awaits. I love love love the book. I finally feel I could modify a pattern [or come up with my own design] to fit me. Wonderful job.


Yay!! Seattle!!! Can't wait to see you in person. I love love the book-can't wait to start a project or two-I'm having trouble deciding which one.....


October 17th is my birthday!!! (Naturally I'll be at a retreat with my sister that weekend, but perhaps you'll be in Denver before I leave or after I come back!).


my book is in the postal route as I type this. weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Congrats on the top seller status on on Amazon...you deserve it! ....and btw, keep the office chartreuse. As Neil Finn says "color is it's own reward"


Um hello. Get your ass to Albuquerque! Have them contact Village Wools!


Color is it's own reward. Wow. I never heard that but understand it completely. I am now complete as well. Thanks Robin!


Love the book! Not only did I find several "I want to make for me" projects but my daughters
(23 and 21) picked out a few things they will graciously allow me to make for them as well.
Congrats on it coming it at #1- you deserve it!

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