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July 15, 2008



Love the long-sleeved version---can't wait to try it out! :)


Yoohoo! I am gonna make one. Love that you used the hemp yarn I have been wanting to try too. :o)



I really don't fancy myself a knitter, but last night I started the first sleeve on the Almost Cowl and am (1) so impressed with my ability to actually make a real sweater and (2) am truly amazed at how you could possibly have visualized how this pattern should and would evolve. Thanks for the creativity!



As Zane said above, I am continuously amazed at how this even comes about for you. How a few hanks of yarn evolve into beautiful things that become a treasured part of our wardrobe. I just don't get how it happens - but I'm surely happy that it does. You're a wonder.

I've started my Yogini, and noticed over at Ravelry there are already six (SIX!) projects posted in the works; one of which says she loves all your patterns (as do I), and she says "I heart Wendy!". So there ya go, you're a favorite designer of many. Thanks again, dear Wendy.


Lovely! Knitting the short-sleeved version, and I have a question about the optional body shaping. If I decrease every 5th row, then every other of those decreases will be on the wrong side - right? Should I still use the ssk, k1 etc decrease then, no? Or maybe decrease every 6th row instead? Thank you for another beautiful pattern!


Linna, I was just going to post an update/errata of sorts. I will email you and focus on putting it up on my site asap.


Hi Wendy, this pattern satisfies ALL my criteria for PERFECT! It's knit in the round, in one piece and made with natural fibre (hemp is my favourite for lots of reasons) and doesn't require I take a loan out for the yarn. Now, hopefully I don't screw up the actual knitting part.

I really enjoy your blog -- so much that I almost hate you. Ooops, did I just say that out loud?

Enjoy your vacation!


By any chance can this be altered to fit a young girl? She is in dance and this would be a perfect Christmas gift. She is a youth size 10 and I think the xs would still be too big.

mutuelle dentaire

Love this! thanks for sharing those nice style..


Here's my advice: Don't wait. Do the ntghis that you want to do and have fun! Don't be afraid to try stuff (at least once). You will discover that you actually like ntghis that you didn't think you would. I adopted this philosophy when I was about 30 and have had a BLAST over the past 15 years! Since I turned thirty I read a lot less and ride my motorcycle a lot more. I still knit about the same amount, (but I rarely knit socks anymore). I just discovered your blog today, since I'm getting ready to start the sunrise circle jacket. Your photos are beautiful! I'll stop back for more eyecandy :-)

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