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July 15, 2008



Love it, can definetly see this in my future...thanks!!


loving this...going stash diving. hmmm, can I finish this by Saturday...we have a memorial to attend in San Diego on a boat. Could be a nice finish to a summer outfit.


so cute! nice to see another pattern release, wendy! :)
still waiting on the you-know to be released! can't wait!


I love the color of the short sleeve version. I've never tried hemp or linen, but this might give good reason to try. Very cute!


It's beautiful! I especially love the bell sleeves on the long-sleeved version.


Cute pattern!

And so funny about "Yogi Bolero". I'd not made the connection at first .... gees, am I showing my age by the fact that it was Boo Boo that tipped me off what you were talking about? Because Boo Boo was the name of my first teddy bear, y'know.


Yay! I've been waiting for this one! I ordered the yarn Monday night (first yarn order in 6 months). I can't wait to cast on. Thanks, Wendy!


Yummy! Thank you for designing a perfect little SoCal shoulder cover up!


Love this also but not for me, I dont have the shape or the youth, but would be nice for giftgiving as I have a ton of nieces. Will have to find out if this wks budget will allow. Huggs Marion


Love it! I just told myself I was not yarn shopping anytime soon, but I have to make this! I'll be sneaking out to the LYS at noon for sure.


I am very excited to try this darling pattern! After knitting the Fad Classic and the Something Red (my first experiences with top-down knitting), I have had a really hard time knitting anything that isn't from the top-down! Dragging the kids to the yarn store today!!


I have been reading over the Yogini pattern and have a couple of questions:
1. Just size 5 needles right?
2. When I measure myself for upper waist I get 33 and for chest 36. Is the "For Sizes" portion finished measurement of garmet or the person's measurement?
Obviously it is too early for me to be starting a new project.




1. Size 5 needles, or needle size to obtain gauge
2. Since 2 inches negative ease is suggested, knit a small.


Wendy, thanks for your help!


Darn another cute pattern in my queue!!! LOL It's printed out and now for yarn! Wendy for the Euroflax is it just the sport weight?


It is the light worsted.


Thanks! I have some of the sport in my stash..I guess I'll just have to get some more!!


I've been waiting with bated breath for this one. It's so beautiful, Wendy, thank you. I've got all your patterns, and will never hesitate to buy each one you create. LOVE those childrens patterns for Blue Sky, they are just gorgeous.

Yay, can't wait to start!


Wendy, thanks for the pattern. Can't wait to work it up.
So enjoy your blog, it is on my check daily list.
Thanks again


Beautiful and versatile!

PS - I am in love with your Opulent Raglan.


Yay, a new Wendy pattern! Thank you very much and I'm excited to go yarn shopping for this.


Yeah, I love anything that I can knit in one and I've just discovered the joy of top down.



Love this! Thanks for another supercute pattern. To second what someone else posted above, I adore the opulent raglan. Can't wait to bust it out this fall...


Thanks for offering this here, and as a PDF! Love it! I adore the Blue Sky Alpaca little boy's tunic, by the way!


LOVE it! I'll be ordering this pattern soon.

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