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June 16, 2008



LOL. You are such a hoot!


I often wondered about "that which shall not be named." It looks beautiful and I hope it gets worn often (out of your presence).

Tiny Tyrant

I'll take it. Will bronchitis do in place of Low Thyroid?

It is lovely.


Love the finished bolero even more than the preview. Waiting, needles in hand, for the pattern.

(Notice I didn't mention the other thing. That was nice, huh?)


Oh man, I'm SO GLAD you're sharing the pattern for the bolero, it's so adorable, and I knew from the first picture I wanted one of my own. I can't wait to buy the pattern and cast on!

sue Treiber

Although I am easy impressed, the item which shall not be named is nothing shy or spectacular! I wish I crocheted, just to make that!


Well, for what it's worth, the shawl IS gorgeous!


I indeed have a slow throyd but wouldnt even ask you to give me 2 yrs of your life! Keppt it to remind you! God bless you Marion


I know I can't name it, but it is beautiful!!


If it doesn't go home in someone's suitcase, I say auction it off to one of us and donate the proceeds to an animal shelter, or just go buy yourself a great piece of jewelry.

I'd pay up for that piece of art!


Thank freaking goodness! It's beautiful :)

Ohhh, I'm in line for the wee bolero!

Donna P

Ah, the angst. Nevertheless, it turned out beautifully.



they both look FABULOUS.

And for an albatross, you finished that awfully quickly!! Love the yogini bolero too -- are you going to make up a pattern for that?


a) the shawl is beautiful and I hate it.
b) love the expression on your face peeking out from under the evil thing.
c) adore the bolero. so cute. pretty pretty color on you, too.
d) if the shawl doesn't disappear in someone's suitcase in the requisite time frame, perhaps you could have a shawl bonfire. bonfire of the insanities or something.


Well.... "it" is finished... never to be spoken of again.

I like that last picture - it just dawned on me, I need have someone take all my pics like that... not that you have this problem, but it would do wonders for my old saggy neck!


Yes, Lynda, it is definitely a good pose to stretch out the sloppy neck.


I must make the bolero! And that other thing is really beautiful.


"This shawl has been the albatross that has weighed me down for at least two years"

This is going to make me laugh for days and days.


I like the auction idea, just in case...

You really are amazing!

mary j

Your expression in each picture kinda says it all, huh? Freeee! Like how I feel when I'm done writing (yet another) paper for this frickin degree. May your albatrosses be few and far between in this life. Hope you poured a large one to celebrate!


Well... it is very lovely! Beautiful really. I hope you never see it again. Wait... does that mean if I make one, you will never visit my blog again?


you are funny.


It goes without saying, but the pictures on your blog are always so fabulous, in every way. What a talented pair you are.


It is beautiful, and I bet so much sweeter to you now that it is done. And you dad sounds very wise. :-)


Congrats on your BFFO (big f*ing finished object)!

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