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April 21, 2008


donna lee

Ironic that the yarn is called "Seduce". That's what it is, seduction at its finest. I can never knit fast enough to make all the things I lust after.


ooh love the looks of that yarn. i am knitting with a linen blend now and am so happy with it. great pic to. you look fab as usual love your top and i wish i could say i'll watch you but i know i'll never get around to it. work really cramps my style and my television watching! glad you had a great time.


There, there! Don't beat yourself up over having yarn stash - consider yourself a collector. A collector of fine yarns.


Not that stupid - just last night I voiced a wish that I had 2 heads and 4 arms/hands so I could knit more.


I know exactly how you feel. I have a big long list of projects and all the yarn to make them with, but I've had a lot of trouble lately getting motivated to do so. It doesn't help that someone who I've just taught - barely six months ago - is already jumping into sweaters, and I'm forcing myself to be bored brainless on a shrug.


Wow, you described exactly what happens to me very well...


me! me! me!! i wanna knit with my toes so i can knit when...washing dishes, dying yarn, doing laundry.... yeah...i dont get out much!


I sleepwalk...I sometimes pray that I'll knit in my sleep instead of just wandering the house and accidentally locking myself in the laundry room.


i know that feeling, too!

you are such a pretty gal, wendy. you have such a delightful smile.


I think when I am really old, and getting senile, I will wander around saying "so many projects, so little time!" I totally relate to the post above who said that WORK was getting in the way of everything else. I long for more time to do creative things.


These lines of yours, and especially this one, capture how I feel about intended writing projects: "Beating myself up for beating myself up for all the projects I wanted to make but never got around to."

So, I wonder if these feelings are occupational hazards for all creative people. We are constantly thinking up and planning good projects, and yet we know we won't live long enough to finish even a fraction of them.

And yet we can't stop, so there's this constant tension between what we want to do and what we will do. Maybe that's where we get our drive?


I think that very feeling you're experiencing right now is the main reason that I've ceased to be a stasher. I window shop and fantasize, but I don't buy with stasher urgency until I'm ready to cast on.

I'm pretty sure this makes me the equivalent of a knitting-leper. :)


i did make a market bag out of the naturlin to use as a beach bag several months ago--berroco design? crochet? anyway, i figured out very quickly why the bag was photographed with a light newspaper and air filled french bag--the thing stretched to my ankles!! it is cute though, and fun to make


im an idiot--"air filled french bread"---i spend probably 3x as much time reading about knitting then actually doing it!!!!!!!! help


heh heh. Thanks for the heads up on that, Maryann. Yes, that is what I wanted to make. Now I don't feel so bad for putting it off.


You're a collector, like me. Sometimes its just nice to have pretty trinkets to remind us how special we are, even if we never, EVER utilize them.


There are worse things we could collect. I don't want to pass judgement, but there are some catagories of tchotchkes that I'd rather not have collecting dust on the shelves.


My daughter Wendy and I often say we wish there were two of us, one to knit adult items and one to knit cute baby things. We work around it by just knitting stuff for ourselves! Poor babies.

How exciting to see you and Shay Pendray and Euny Jang! You have a face for TV (in other words BEAUTIFUL, and quite the opposite of the proverbial face-for-radio); I expect we will see lots more of you. Perhaps one day you'll have your own show! For now, we excitedly await publication of your first book. You ought not be beating yourself for anything, my dear. You will create something beautiful and unique with that stash of colors we see in that photo.


What are you planning to make with the Seduce, I love that yarn and the colors it comes in are terrific.


Thrilled to find the interview in Knitscene, Wendy: congratulations on your growing recognition in the knitting world. Fun to follow your ascendance, computer-side.

Susan B

Look at that grin!!! You know, you just look FUN. You know? The kind of person that you kind of automatically note right away in a room full of others, the one that you hope you get seated next to on a plane or at a conference table.

Fun fun fun fun fun fun.


Oh I know that feeling well Wendy. I get it not only from my yarn but also my books and patterns. And oh no, I just pre-ordered your new book. Now it's going to be your fault I have that feeling - thanks alot.

(just kidding I actually already have several for your patterns on my "to knit" list. Thanks for making such super cute patterns!)


i could have written that!!!

Pani Thuly

You look gorgeous in yellow Wendy.

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