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February 23, 2008



Look at that face! It is always the innocent ones that cause the most trouble!
Poor girlfriend... I can't believe she is ready to send him back.


De-lurking to say I love reading your blog! And also to say it's the terrier/terror in him. Boy, he sure is cute tho!


Oooh, Thursday is my favourite too!
And that sure is one cute little puppy!!! =)


he looks like he belongs in a disney movie, like the lead male dog who is a runaway vagabond in search of rescuing a princess dog who was stolen by evil dog snatchers. Yup, that's him.

Jeanne B.

#7 for sure! In my case it's especially embarrassing as my father was a professor of Statistics and Research. Or, as I call it, "Sadistics and Research". (Sorry Dad!) What IS it with that word? I can say "statistician" but not "statistics". Who thought up that word, anyway?

BTW, horses feel nice. Especially on the soft part of their muzzle right between the nostrils. Velvet yuuuuum.


you totally can't take him back, he is so cute.


Ours (now a little over 13 mos old) moves on to pulling the stuffing out after pulling the eyes and nose out. You would think the kids would have caught on by now, but noooo.
Too cute to send away!!!


He is just plain adorable. He's got a face it's impossible to stay angry at, and you can tell he knows it. Definitely milking it for all it's worth.


I bet Madonna doesn't have a dog as cute as this one.

elizabeth m

He sure has the cute innocent looks down to a science, doesn't he?

You're a brave woman: I've never owned one dog in my life (but lots of cats). I hope he settles down as he grows up. I've heard the puppiness can stay a couple years.


He's just adorable--did I miss your saying what kind of dog he is? I'd guess some kind of terrier, but the face in that picture looks remarkably like the wire-haired mini-dachshund we had when I was little, except his ears are a bit shorter. It doesn't matter, though--he looks like a sweetheart.


This is the exact reason I will never ever do the puppy thing again. GAH! Nerve wracking!!! More power to ya sister. But dang if that isn't a cute face.


His mom is a wire haired dachshund, but his father is unknown--his "owners" allowed her to roam. They think that he is either part terrier or chihuahua. . .


Yep, those little doggie faces.
Saved our weiner dog today after he chewed up G I Joe's boots.


a) He is adorable. Puppies will be puppies. Especially the almost-adult ones.
b) Wow! about HWWV.
c) I wanna hear the naughty bits!


My boyfriend is blind in one eye too! He had a firework explode in it when he was younger -- and he wasn't even the one playing with them.

LOL I yelled out to him (he's in the other room) about this and he asked me "Does it say which eye?" (His is his left.)


that face...how can anything not so nice come from a cute little face like that?? hope chuck and houdini get along...


He is a cute little beggar though. I think they make the naughty ones cute on purpose. Bet he'd be good at Flyball or those obstacle course tournaments for dogs.

Cool about HWWV!

I would have loved to have seen an entire crowd of Madonna wannabe's in heels and lace making a mad dash. Not if I were being run down by it, but overhead or something.


I am blind in the right eye.


Awww, you can't take him back, he's just too cute! Hopefully he'll get better?
I had to laugh at the S word, I said statistic easy enough when I read it, but then I couldn't get my tongue round statistician! Had to try it like 10 times!


Oh my... you should've asked me about puppies. He's a cutie though!


I'm not blind, but I have cataracts in my left eye (which really affect my vision greatly).

He sure is a cute puppy. Our puppy has eaten holes in many many socks (thank goodness not hand knit ones!). She sneaks them out into the yard to destroy them. He'll outgrow being naughty (as will mine....I'm sure!)

donna lee

You remind me of what it was like to have 2 kittens in the house after my 20 year old cat died. She was very dignified and sedate in her old age. Needless to say, the kittens were not. I had to get rid of trees and plants (they sat on the plants) and replace drapes and put covers on the furniture. They were so destructive. Now they are 3 and are mostly calm. Thank goodness or we'd have nothing left.


I'm a Malaysian fan of yours. What's the name of your husband's warlord relative? The geek in me would really like to know... Thanks!


Rocko is SO cute!!

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