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February 17, 2008



Am I first?


Piglet is a boy. The only female character in the Poohverse is Kanga... well, and Christopher Robin's mom. :)


I am forever finding little notes I've written to myself that make no sense. My family will hand me these half notes and ask me to decipher them (usually I can't).

Chuck may like the company of another dog. Our dog Stella did when we got Jenny (from the humane society) and Jenny did after Stella died and we got Sunny. Love that picture of you and Chuck.


Haha, butt implants.

For me, visors = protection from bright lights = migraine prevention.


love the picture. chuck looks like a great mellow dog. i grew up with golden retrievers. they are so sweet. i hope he loves the new addition to the family.


Oh! A new dog! That's exciting. I hope Chuck likes him. They'll be good company for one another. I can't wait to see the new member of the family. I do love Chuck. Head pat!


you crack me up, it would be a great post to just type out all of your observations...


I have notebooks like this. But filled with script story ideas. I hate to say it, but looking back on some makes me wonder what the hell I was thinking when I came up with it.
The best conversation I've heard all week was between two ladies in my LYS. It was sort of graphic so I won't go into detail. One told me she was 66 so it was that much funnier.

elizabeth m

I love the random writings. I think a monthly blog feature composed of some of the best would be great!

Have a great time with your new dog.


Congrats on the new dog and good for you for rescuing!


Oh, I love that up-close-&-personal of you and Chuck :)
And I'm so glad your second dog is a rescue: now you can join the "Knitters With Rescue-Dog Blended Families" group with me on ravelry! Heh, just kidding.
Our first dog is a pedigree, but our recent second dog is a rescue ... of completely uncertain provenance! It's been a crazy ride sometimes, but the joy..you gotta remember the joy . Well done :) :)


I would love to get a look in those little books of yours. If I wrote all my little thoughts and things down....it would be physical proof of how whacked out I am. And....we can't have that now can we?


Please tell HWWV that the picture of you and Chuck is excellent!

Your little bits of writing were quite funny.


yay for new dogs! i'm perpetually talking myself out of a 3rd dog. .. there is such a cutie still at the rescue we got our 2nd dog. . . so tempting.


Good for you rescuing a dog - trust me they know that you've saved them and they love you even more for it. Can't wait to see pictures of Rock-o.


i used to have those books laying around the house with 'random' thoughts. i had to get rid of them- they made me crazy!
i am so excited for the new dog. i hope chuck and rock-o get along. but chuck looks like he's got a good demeanor.

i always though piglet is a boy.


Yeh for you with the rescue dog. We just took in a rescue cat (we have 3 dogs, 2 bunnies (outside), and another cat. I needed another pet like I need another hole in the head, but I couldnt resist. All of our pets were rescue in one way or another, be careful...it is addictive! That reminds me, have you heard of putting together test swatches, misc yarn for blankets for the animal shelters? It is on my to do list, and seems like such a great idea.


I hope things go well with the dog, I love when people rescue dogs. In the past 13 years I have fostered around 19 dogs. Loved them all & they all found amazing owners. I know you will be one of those amazing owners. I no longer foster dogs but have found joy in my own. A papillon & black lab.


Lol at the notebooks. I've often thought about doing the same thing, because yeah--I get my best blogging ideas when I'm nowhere near the computer! Maybe this is the motivation I need to actually go ahead and do it. So I can laugh at myself in months/years down the road :-D


I love that you're rescuing a dog, and I LOVE the name. My kitty (who looks just like The Bunny) is named Rocco. He was a rescue too, and I think rescue animals are so sweet. They know what you did for them and are so grateful for it. :)


Many, many congrats on your new dachshie!


Though it was my pre-blogging days, I also used to write little notes to myself in those ridiculously small mini-pad notebooks. Mine make about as much sense when I read them later as do yours.

I always had weenie dogs growing up. They are precious and sooo cute. They are also hard to housebreak. Hopefully, your's already is!

Jean S

Oh Lord, this reminds me of a hilarious essay I heard several years ago by a woman who had kept personal journals for 30 years (she called them evidence of her "Inner Louise")...well, the day came when, courtesy of a divorce, she knew she had to get rid of them. What to do, what to do...honest to God, she ended up burying them (yes, she buried her Inner Louise) at a local cemetary. This was one of those times when the old cliche--"we were falling out of our chairs laughing"--was no cliche at all. Those of us who heard it will never forget it.


Oooh, I have a sweet little wiener dog myself. Are you rescuing one of those wirehaired varieties? BTW, the Winnie the Pooh discussion is hilarious. I believe Piglet is definitely a boy, but my daughter also thinks he should be a girl because he is wearing pink. Apparently those social stereotypes live on.....

Cashmere Addict

Congrats on the potential new member to the family! Rescue dogs are the best, and love dachshunds (we rescued a dachshund/chihuahua mix)!

Like the found notes. The butt implants comment made me laugh out-loud.

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