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February 11, 2008



No Worries, Tunde. Just thought I'd throw out an explanation. I think if you knit a pair you might be transformed, but then again, there a lot of things I don't knit, too.


I love knitting socks...they are the perfect carry out project. They are a bit pricey for what they are but that is relative; they cost a whole lot less than an afghan, shawl or sweater in both time and supplies:-) Love your corporate life stories Wendy.


OK, so what is gaslighting? I haven't been reading long enough to know. :)


Heather, Google it and you'll find out!


Always enjoy your blog. But could I ask just what is the white yarn with gold glitz? I feel am in need of some glitz.


I have wiki searched gaslight in the past....I forgot its meaning and did it again. I think I forget because my ex was a pro at this. Thank God he IS an ex.LOL


It's in the post: Trendsetter Dune

Sally Villarreal

I don't think my last job was particularly corporate, but by the time I left I was very familiar with that sense of desperation and despair.


I kind of feel sorry (and relate to!) for these people who are trying to squeeze in a little reading (or solitaire playing) during their work days! I say "gaslight" the ones who make your day miserable -- not the ones hiding in their offices!


Ahah! The book in the open drawer trick. I worked with a woman who did the same thing, except she also had a box of chocolates next to it. This was, of course, before they gave everybody access to the internet.

I was suprised to see that the genre of the book (don't ask me how I found out) was always the same - Christian Romance. Kind of a malapropism I thought.

Not suprisingly, when her 16 year old daughter married a 28 year old preacher, and she was delighted.

Like you, I used to love the diversity of characters in my corporate life. Still, I like the pace of being at home and going to the gym and lys and cafes much, much more, and so do my kids.


Ah yes, corporate life. I remember it well and SO glad I'm not in it anymore either!!!! I had to laugh at your ideas for the neighboring co-worker. Guess this is why I like The Office so much!!

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