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February 11, 2008


Knitting Nettie

#1, so far I am first!!

#2, I am happy to say that I have been reading long enough to know what "gaslighting" is...you have made me search that out before :-)

#3 I have an antique darning thingy that I inherited...I would be happy to lend it to you to learn some mad skilz in darning.

#4 There is something I need to get to you, but I have not heard, so I am waiting to hear from you...if you catch my drift :-)

#5 Needed to round this out with a full hand of fingers, so there really is no #5


What? What? What do you need to send me?

Knitting Nettie

hehe...sorry again and Thanks again!!


I can't decide whether I am relieved that I am not in that kinked, twisted corporate world or envious of the money. I didn't realize those peeps made so much. And I am peripherally involved with the same industry. Yikes.

Cashmere Addict

As one who is still in the corporate world (and as one who also tries to figure out a way to get out of whatever meeting I'm in so I can get a cup of coffee)... I am very inspired by you. I've been reading your blog for awhile and it's so apparent that you are doing something you really love.

Here's hoping that the temps go back down here in SoCal, for at least another week or two. The beret you're making is gorgeous.


80 degrees....I can only dream....and shiver!

I have added you as a link, hope it's ok. I'm having a blogoversary competition, so come on over and visit!


You can use a light bulb as a darning thingie. I think it would be cute for you to teach HWWV how to darn socks. In your spare time, of course.


I have a pair of socks that has a hole in it too and I won't give them back to my son out of fear he'll make it bigger of course and I just don't have the nerve to darn them. Then of course, would you want to knit another pair for someone that doesn't take care of the things you so lovingly knitted for them?


Man. I'll never understand you sock knitters. All those jillions of hours you pour into those socks, and you throw it all away to avoid twenty minutes of repair? Anything I knit gets repaired if at all possible! Of course, I likely knit much more slowly than you do. :)

And the light bulb works wonders.


You could always use a light bulb. :) My mother learned that from school (one room school houses were still around in the 50's, can you believe that?)


I had a darning bulb with sequins on the bulb part. I loved it and used it regularly growing up. Gone now but I suppose it could be in the basement somewhere!

After reading your entry re: tender baby preemie blanket, I went RIGHT OUT and bought blue sky alpaca organic dyed cotton and now have completed three squares.

I have made baby blankets but haven't made any for preemies. Thanks so much for making me aware of the need. The first one I did is a lovely apricot but the next one I'll call the local hospital and see if they would like any and ask if there is a color guideline.



Wendy, LOVE this post - your posts about your previous life in the corporate world are some of your funniest. Isn't it crazy such highly paid people goof off (sneaking books and cigs) just like the rest of the working stiffs out there. I get a kick out of it, thanks for sharing.


I'm with the others...I use a light bulb for darning. I've been darning since I was a kid - it's not hard at all!


I'd like to know more about how she reads. What, does she have the book open all the time inside the drawer? Clearly, I'm working far too hard in corporate USA for my almost six. Say, can you help me figure out a way to surreptitiously knit while sitting at my desk? Maybe that keyboard tray could be put to better use...


I, too, left the corporate world to pursue my passion. My current salary is less than a 1/3 of what I used to make, but you can't put a price on happiness. BTW, my grandma used to insert a long handled soup ladle into a sock before darning.


You know what Yarn Harlot says...She darns socks...she tosses them in the garbage and says, "Oh darn."

kathy b

As a nurse who loves her profession, I rarely envy the corporate world . Except for weekends, holidays and all the days around them that the corporate world tags on during the holidays because just having the holiday off isn't enough for them.


I can so relate to your old co-worker. I would always make sure I had a pocket sized knitting project so when I ran an "errand" or "mailed" something I could have something I loved to do with me. Let's just say when I was desperate enough to start thinking of knitting in the bathroom at work, I knew I had to go. And the receptionist smelled like vinegar.


Ah, that other manager and her book sounds like me and the blogs or ravelry. Of course I don't have an open drawer but whenever someone comes to my desk I quickly click on an open work window so they don't know what I was really doing. You make me laugh and you are certainly one of the blogs I read when I should be working. :)


"I'm one sock short of a pair"

You said it.

elizabeth m

The hat will be good next time it gets cold!

The more I find out about the economics of this design gig, the less I understand how anyone makes it pay. Maybe if you get to be the publisher of your own magazine and pull in a salary? Mysterious.


Hi Wendy ~
Thank you for the post today. I'm shriveling up from the insides out in the corporate world. Please help me be brave and jump ship . . .

Our admin plays solitaire all day, sometimes I walk-up behind her just to see her jump. Desperate lives, indeed.

My glimmer of hope is that I teach knitting classes twice per week and work a few hours at the yarn shop.


This is why I never ever knit socks. To waste the beautiful yarn and my time on something that the shoe/pants hide, and later face the dilemma of should I mend it or not, or throw it away. Sorry girls, that is not me. I have made hats, sweaters, cardigans, scarves even a dress in my life - but I stay away from socks.


The reason our socks wear out is because we wear them without shoes, as slippers. We even wear them to take out the trash or to grab the mail. That is why they wear out so easily! We use them to death!


Hi Wendy! You answered! I am sorry if I sounded too harsh. I can not imagine a better hobby than knitting. I just do not knit socks. That is all.

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