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February 19, 2008



ohhh, he's adorable!


He's very cute, I hope he settles into the empire of yarn quickly!


I had to show my partner the photo...and we both went "Awwwww"


He's so cute!


very cute boy!


Awww he is a real cutie ( I have a soft spot of rescue dogs)


He's a sweet looking cutie! Congrats and I hope he becomes immune to the yarn right away!


Hee! So cute! What does Chuck think of him?


ooh, he's too cute! he looks more like a terrier than a wiener dog!


Oooo he's handsome! What a lucky guy!


Oh Wendy,
He's so cute! What a love.... You can see it in his eyes. He's going to be your buddy that's for sure.


aawww that nose! is he part schnauzer? schnauzers are some good dogs (oh wait, maybe i am biased on that...) he is loverly! makes me want to go the shelter...


Congrats! He's adorable and landed in heaven for sure. He's a lucky dog!


He is a cutie! Looks like just the dog I would pick.

We got a 2 yr old basset hound in Dec. He eats plenty of yarn and it is so not fun. He never touches it when we're around, but give him 5 minutes and any yarn mistakenly left out -- left out even on a table! - and it's in the back yard strung from here to there. Not shoes, not toys -- yarn and only yarn and needles and any WIPs. Well, a few stuffed animals, but mostly yarn.


What a sweet face!! Congrats on the newest addition to your family. Wishing you and the family a smooth transition.

Miz Booshay

welcome Rocko!!!!

You look so happy Wendy!

Rocko is a lucky to have found a home with you all.
He will be loved and that is just so wonderful!!


He's adorable. Glad he has found a loving home. Beware though, my weiner dog loves yarn.


sweet pup!


What a sweet face! and those eyes! Easy to fall in love with Rocko!


Uh-oh...you won't be able to keep your hands off of him! You are just beaming the love and he is basking in it. Perfect. Welcome home Rock-oh. I love this picture.


congrats on your new addition :) my dogs don't like my yarn much - they seem to ignore it - but my cat loooves it... if i'm ever forgetful enough to leave it out, she carries it back and forth throughout the house, leaving a guilty trail. luckily she hasn't really ruined anything, and my husband patiently winds it all back up with me.


Aw cute doggie!! We got a Westie puppy at New Year, they are a lot of hard work but worth it!


OOOhhhhh what a cutie!!


Wow, what a cutie pie he is! Thats good because his looking cute will make up for all the trouble he is going to get into!


What a cutie! Let's hope he keeps his indifference to yarn. My mom's dog, Winston, goes crazy for my yarn when I'm visiting. I always make sure to keep it up on a bureau and if he spots it, he'll stand under it barking!

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