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February 14, 2008



OMG - i'm the first person to comment.... that NEVER happens! You always have like 100's of comments... LOL, okay maybe not THAT many :)

Thanks for the video demo, this stitch has always confused me too!

p.s - first time commenter long time reader :)


Too funny, the lisp! Where'd that come from? But, even without the lisp, I don't think that sounds like you at all! I kept having to tell myself it was you talking.

We miss you, my friend. We'll have to get together one of these days.


I think my mouth was too close to the camera.

I think I sound like Mary Sue Millken.


Can you tell me what chanel has knitting daily?

Cashmere Addict

I love this stitch!! I forced myself to sit down and do it when I saw it on your blog awhile back. Once I trusted dropping the stitch it wasn't too hard. I think this video is great, and would have boosted my confidence had I seen it back then.

Love all of the techniques I've learned from this site!


They're just starting filming and it will debut later this year, I think. Once I know, I'll let everyone know what channel it is on. I do know that it is public television.

Jen Sirois

Thank you so much for that video! I've been working on learning brioche for a few days now! Talk about serendipitous!

Colleen H.

Thanks for the tutorial! Technology is great(most of the time).


LOVE the video!!!

Now that I know how to do it...I need to know what pattern uses it so I can put it to good use!



I have to admit, I had difficulty with the Brioche as well. I think I ripped it out three times before I finally got it.


Thanks for the video. I read Franklin's brioche hat story and felt I wasn't up to tackling another EZ pattern just now. Her patterns can be tough for me to decipher but with this, i think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Loved the view off ALL that green outside your windows. So jealous.


You are a sweet heart!!!! I had tried the stitch without success but I now understand it too!!!
Thanks so much, Wendy


I received the DK Soft in the mail today, and it is sooooooooo nice. Thanks for the great deal and the quick shipping! Enjoy your weekend :)


Wow! Thanks for the video. I can't wait to see the new BSA knit-up and a free pattern to boot!


Ok, so you slip the stitch purl-wise. I also tried to make a swatch of this stitch after you talked about it, but I was slipping knit-wise. I'll have to try it again and see if it comes out better. Thanks for the video!


OH! You knit with the yarn still forward!

I tried to do a neckwarmer in the brioche stitch, but the book it was from didn't really explain the stitch. It just said work brioche stitch! And Viola!

I gave up pretty fast.

Clumsy Knitter

Hiya, Wendy.

I just wanted to let you know that you Make My Day!


Oh Lord - hahaha! Who was that Chinese carpenter? I could hazard a guess . . . (smirk)


Have you checked out Jacquelyn Landry's Brioche tutorial? I wonder if she is a thrower?

Karen B.

::waves hand::

Another brioche-challenged knitter here! I've tried the stitch unsuccessfully in the past. Maybe now I can put the struggle to rest.

You wouldn't have one on short rows up your sleeve, would you?

BTW, thanks for the tip of the BSA organic cotton. I bought 6 different colors of it after your first post. Dee-licious!


Oh! Please create a two color pattern for the blue sky skinny cotton. I'm dying to pair Maize and Mallard. Or possibally a 3 color project where I can use Maize, Mallard, and a little bit of Glacier.

Jean S

yup, mouth probably too close to mike. Fortunately, not fatal!

When does the you-know come out? Did you say something about September?


I don't know yet, I think around that time, though.


i took your advice and got my hands on some of the organic skinny, in leaf!!! it just came in the mail yesterday. now what to knit...
do you think it work out well for Fad-Classic?
thought you would know best. thanks!


I think it would be PERFECT for Fad-Classic! That's a great idea. Maybe I'll make one, too!

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