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February 06, 2008



Wendy, I am so pleased for you and you de-stashing mission. Good on you!


"Norweger" does indeed mean Norwegian. The yarn is Austrian and German-speaking knitters refer to fair isle as "Norwegermuster" (that would be "Norwegian pattern"). "Ringel" are stripes in the round. "Strapaz" seems to refer to the German word for exertion or strain (Strapaze).

I just thought you might want to know...


Ugh! I missed the silky tweed. I LOVE silky tweed. And the Ecowool, too.


AWH man!! someone beat me to the Noro.. I needs me some Noro.. it's been too long!


CRAP!!! I always miss the de-stash :-(


Dangit, I'm always working during the de-stashings! It's certainly understandable why you've been holding onto all these gorgeous fibers all this time, though -- yummy!

Knitting Nettie

Yeah!! My high school kids are some of the lucky ones Wendy has been generous towards! Thanks so so much!!

We all know she ROCKS, but I just have to toot the horn a little louder at the moment!!

Jean S

Way to go with the de-stashing, despite the fact that I always seem to miss out. (Probably for the best, or I'd have to hold a destashing event myself!)


AGGGHHHH!!! I missed it all AGAIN. You need to give a clue, as to when you're going to post your stash!

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