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February 09, 2008



I would like to purchase the Rowan.


If things don't work out with the Rowan I would love to be 'second choice'.

Sau Mei

I'd like the baby cashmerino.


I would like the Twisted Sisters Jazz Hand Paint.

Sau Mei

Can I please have the cashmerino??


wow i loved all these yarns offered today but i am destashing myself so it didn't make sense for me to buy any but i would have! i did however play a game with myself to watch your blog this morning until they came on and they were all available so i could have bought them! love the twisted sisters bet you hated to part with it! i'm sort of kicking myself in the but over passing on it!


I just wanted to comment that I can relate, as a sockknitter, to skipping over certain yarns once they've been in the stash for awhile. You sorta lack the desire to pick it up. I even knitted some socks out of "more aged" sock yarn and it may have been a mistake. The yarn is at least 6 years old and after I finished knitting the socks, I found the yarn broke in a couple of places, leaving holes in my socks and it wasn't from dropped stitches. And it's Opal to boot. But I've got so many socks now, that it hardly bothers me.


Wahhhhh, I missed it again!


Dang, I need to pay better attention to when you post these cause I keep missing them. Yay on the destash!


Why do I even bother? I come here, I salivate, and everything is SOLD!!!

Sigh. I think it's the yarn gods' way of letting me know I don't need no mo' stinking yard (no matter how soft and purty. . .)

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