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January 22, 2008



Hasn't everyone out there knit all day in their jammies? If they haven't they are missing out. I love those days. You are something sensational- wait until your book comes out and everyone can see your fab designs- you'll be rolling in cashmere!


I had a friend like that too. She had an older sister who knew how to court danger. We watched and hung out and got into some trouble ourselves. She even taught me about shoplifting. Now she's a teacher...maybe your own kids teacher!


I only took my pj's (not real pj's but old sweats and tees) off to walk my daughter to and from school. My cousins used to steal me blind when they spent (endless) days at our house. I have kept that Barbie knitting book far from my daughter. I may have to do her bodily harm if she saw it.


Someone I used to work with wasn't knitting in her PJs, but she was driving her kids to school in her PJS and then she crashed her car on the return journey. Somewhat embarrassing, as she recalled.

Hey, and I have an ancient knitting booklet with some Barbie haut-couture. I must dig it out and fashion something appropriate for Barbie, the Island Princess (my granddaughters each have one). Thanks for the reminder!


I used to dance around our living room to Herb Albert back then. When I wasn't prancing through the house as a Princess with a towel cape and wood clothes pins as fingernails.

Oh, I remember watching Tom Jones and even though I was quite young some how I knew he had something going on.


Oh I remember Tom Jones! The Herb Albert album I remember as being scandalous as the chick was sitting in a pile of whipped cream. I don't think anyone watched much t.v. back then cuz we could all go outside for hours and play kick the can and be safe! oh the days. My parents also took me to see Elvis in 1976!
There's a lot to be said for being born in 1965!


This post made me laugh out loud, because I remember all of this stuff, and at the time, it seemed so incredible ...

I think everyone has/had a friend like Raylene. It would be nice to know what became of them, but I'm too lazy to investigate.


Brazil '66, I remember them well! And, I saw Tom Jones in concert once. Someone's panties whizzed by my ear as they flew at him on stage. Thanks for the memories! BTW, I knit in my jammies every weekend, but for Pete's sake go brush your teeth girl!


AAAAaaahhhhhhhh Tom Jones.....

I drove my son to a friends house in my jammies (jacket over the top). The road was icy and after I dropped him off I slid through a stop sign and into a snow bank. All I could think of was I was going to have to walk back to their house and ask them to dig me out (and my friends husband would laugh at me for still being in my jammies). I wasn't stuck (and I stayed in my jammies all day.)

Elizabeth Delisi

I remember Tom Jones. And the Tiajuana Brass. Go-go boots. Rolling your hair on Coke cans to get "the flip." Bell-bottoms and Nehru jackets and necklaces with peace symbols. Memories...


I remember all those things, but had to watch at a friends house...it was much too scandalous for my house. I think my parents are horrified at what I let my kids see....then alternatively puzzled at what I don't let them watch.

I just want to know your e-bay user id so I can stalk me some yarn!


The only thing you left out was the white go-go boots! Too funny!


What's your eBay userid??


Why not sell your stash here or on destashing site (just google it). Given your loyal following buyers are sure to pay the price you ask plus shipping. We could keep it in the box you sent us, with the original handwritten reciept of the published author and take it on to Antique Road Show. I think I'm watching too much PBS


You might do just as well (or better, actually) destashing your yarn here -- eBay charges you listing fees AND a percentage of the final price. *grumbles, shakes fist at eBay* ;)


Well, I haven't placed it on eBay yet. So I might just do it here. I just don't know how to handle it. Maybe I'll just post a little at a time.


Tom Jones *swoon*

elizabeth m

And your description of the step-ladder performance led me to think about my current, and so-very-unlike-me obsession with Rock Band. My son is now dismayed that he has to compete with me for time on the Xbox 360. He comes in to play some violent shooting game and I'm channeling Shirley Manson or Mick Jagger. Pathetic.


Love the vivid memories of the 70s (yes, I remember them quite well). I agree that you have plenty of readers to destash right here. Elizabeth M, I want video.


For me, it was the Sunny and Cher show. Remember the round pink bed they ended the show in each night? I think even Chastity was around for that - which may explain a lot.

I hate the money crunch. My Mr. is taking a "sabbatical", so we're in it too. He's currently liquidating the garage and office. Fortunately, he has no clue as to the retail value of the yarn stash. Hang in there!


We have so many memories in common. Just throw is a hair brush or deodorant bottle for a microphone and you've got me and my sisters and my friend DeeDee. We had our black and white go go boots and we were smokin'!

My kids never play like that. They don't know what their missing.

I agree with other posters about destashing here or what about Ravelry?

Mary Lou

oh, no chalk. We used Cray-pas. And Dippity Do stolen from my friend Nancy's cool older sister who actually had one of those Sasoon cuts swooping down on one side.

Knitting Nettie

I could say so much but I will limit myself to saying that a couple years ago I worked a banquet dinner at the Nugget in Reno (please don't ask...) Tom Jones was playing in the Rose Ballroom that night and once the party got rolling I was stunned into a silent stare...at...what could only be...a salami?? I don't know, but rumors were flying all around that night. I don't know, but I'm saying the guy was a bit too old and paunchy to still play to that old part of his act. Sheesh!

Knitting Nettie

Oh, and Ravelry is a great place to De-Stash!!


Wendy, will you vote for me? Pretty Please.... ;-)

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