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December 26, 2007



I'd be up for Sk8r knitters group! Are you going to locate the Roller Derby and sign up? It's a blast!


I remember roller skates! Also knit tubes that people foolishly wore as whole tops all by themselves. Then they spent the entire night at the roller rink hiking up their tops while trying to catch the eye of that boy...

Maybe that's why you added sleeves to the tube. So you would have to hike it up all night.


Wendy, dear, this is off topic from your post, so forgive me, but we are so excited here to see your pattern in the newest KnitScene, AS WELL AS the way cool article about YOU! We are very big fans of yours here on the east coast, so we are cheering you on always. To read them compliment your writing too, saying you are very funny in a "cheeky, Sex in the City kind of way"......AND that the article about you is entitled "One Cool Knitter".....well I'm beside myself with excitement! As is evidenced by my over use of caps in this post but, you go girl, as they say! Goodness me, so excited and proud of you, you go!


I've knit those in the round sweaters that start with tubes for years now, and I've always liked them (odd duck that I am), however for the latest I decided to do a little shaping in the body tube. I'm at the yoke now decreasing madly and looking forward to seeing how it all comes out. One thing I have discovered about these tube type sweaters is that you do have to be really careful about your initial measuring. I've made them for my daughter as well, and I have to be incredibly careful about sleeve length. The big attraction for me is that I hate sewing seams, and I love being able to try the body tube on as I'm knitting to make sure that it's actually going to fit. Somehow even being careful about gauge, etc. I didn't have as good luck with flat knit pieces, I always thought my seams were ugly (although other people didn't think so) and besides there's all that purling to do...

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