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August 21, 2007



My love of cashmere is extreme. It does pill allot but since I live along that road going into Alaska warmth is nice. I can't wait to see the finished almost shrug it looks fantastic.


I love the way you did the neck... very clever. It's going to be lovely. How about Minnesota? I hear it's plenty cold there?


Alaska produces some very nice local beers, and berrywines as well.

Nymue Eveilleuse Créative

lol well, angora is perfect in France, even in summer, this year...if you add an umbrella with it ! ;o)
(and we're known for our food, no ? Beer is reachable in few hours by train or plane : England, Ireland...)

As I'm more vegetarian than "meat-arian", and as I don't really drink alcohol, I think France is the best place for my next angora knit ! lol

Nymue Eveilleuse Créative

oups, I forgot to say : nice pictures ! :o)


loved the flaming ball of cashmere! very funny


you could live in pennsylvania and get the best of both worlds hot in summer and cold cold cold in winter and we have a beautiful fall what with the mountains and the turning leaves if i ay say so myself pefect for the cashmere. my mom wears the stuff all the time but for me it's too hot to wear indoors and too expensive to wear outside in the snow!


Ummm...you may be thinking of Wisconsin with the beer and sausage. Michigan has Cornish pasties (it's a meat pie, not nip accessory) and Canada Dry.


The Canada Dry thing was a joke. Canada is in the country next door.


I'm loving that collar!!
It is fun to throw some stitches on the needles and watch which direction they decide to grow. I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

Oh yeah, those flies in Maine are nasty. But the lobstah is sooo good.


It's amazing to me that you've only been knitting a short (relatively) time and you make great designs. It's inspiring! It makes me want to design! Everything you design I want to have! Hmmm, I'm assuming you will put this pattern up for sale in the future (well, I'm hoping).


Ok. Being a Michigan native I can tell you that cashmere comes in handy (but I don't eat the sausage or beer either). Love the collar!

Miz Booshay

Great balls of fire!!!

Cashmere has been my friend, here in Wisconsin.

Besides being hot,
it's sexy.
Don't you think?

Who doesn't feel all toasty wearing cashmere?

But if you come to Wisconsin,
that yarn will need to be green and gold.

And we eat Brats and cheese curds here.

p.s. Your hair is adorable and so is your flushed face ;o)


hmmmm maybe Canada? My friend Monika moved there and she says it's cold all the time except the 4 weeks of summer and they have good beer.


Even in the Texas heat, knitting with cashmere is my favorite, right after Malabrigo.

We recently visited Minnesota, and I took as many of my heavy knits as I could pack. We didn't stay long enough for me to wear them all, but long enough for me to develop a passion for cheese curd. Does anyone know where I can get cheese curd in Texas?


Cashmere would be perfect for Newfoundland. It doesn't usually get crazy hot, therefore relatively low humidity of the hot variety. The Atlantic winds keep things cool enough for cashmere and there is a ton of fabulous seafood and if it's sausages you crave, there is some mouth watering moose sausage to be had.


I forgot to mention the beer. Both Labatt and Molson have a brewery in St. John's and of course there is George Street. Think Bourbon Street only less crime ridden and friendlier.


OK, the cashmere looks amazing. The shrug, that is. Maybe sweating a little would be worth it?


Love the pictures!


Katherine, you can get fried cheese curd at Culvers restaurant in Texas. Not sure if that is exactly what you are looking for.


How about Canada? You didn't mention Canada. It looks lovely though.


Beautiful! Let's just turn up the AC.


love those pictures, soo cute


I second (third, fourth?) the vote for MN. We have beer and wine, fabulous food, art, music. It's very eclectic here, perfect for a black cashmere shrug/ sweater/ whatsit.

Knitting Nettie

Perhaps just a vacation to Tahoe will suffice. It is very cold in the winter, and perfect for a bit of cashmere. We not only have some decent beers, I will say that nothing tops the Wet Woody at Garwoods!! (....and did I mention some great yarns shops as well?)

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