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August 05, 2007



I knit when knitting wasn't "cool", I hear now that there's a knitting group at our local high school. Cracks me up. I'm with you I like that it takes work and time. Love the pics! Oh, and my mom now has one of those earphone thingies and has been trying to talk me into getting one....I think not!


So the gal who works at a farm- where things take anywhere from months to years to grow- thinks knitting is too much time and work? Seriously messed up!


The girl isn't actually working there. She was someone we met there so our kids could play together.


I love the image of the tough biker asking for a specific brand of water, and then that fresh-brewed Passionfruit tea, that's the real kicker. Forgive me for stereotyping (particularly given the topic of this post), but it occurs to me that that little scene could only happen in California.

Lovely yarn, in both senses of the word.


oooh that blue is amazing.


Tattoo Boyfriend, who rides a Harley, is probably the most laid back healthy goes to the gym so he doesn't get fat granola hippie I know. seriously. I call him a hippie all the time. He claims most bikers are healthy and laid back. I guess the image isn't everything. (though truth be told, Tattoo Boyfriend likes his "F*** with me and I kill you" image).


I bet M-F Sausage Ponytail DOES wear a suit w/ a bluetooth thingie strapped to his head.


I was about to say what Shannon said! On the weekends, my hubby is all leather, all the time. But during the week, he's Mr.Professional, bluetooth with his Treo, salad-eating regular guy. I think a lot of bikers are. Those Harleys are like 20 grand, so you have to at least have a decent job to afford one.

MaryBeth Fitscher

LOVE breaking the stereotype! It is what makes us sooo much fun. People don't believe I knit until I whip out my current project to show them!


Oooh, I love me the Artyarn Supermerino! Am just finishing a sweater for my little Girlfriend, and I don't want to put it down! Want to make something for me out of it, but cost is a factor. Have you ever come across anything with a similar feel, but maybe less, uh, costly? I ask you because you are a yarn goddess. Thanks!


Wow, good point. Just a regular guy all dressed up in his "costume" for the day.

I can't wait for the "you know" to arrive. The suspense is killing me. I know I'll need to knit it all.


It's hard to not stereotype others, but yeah, even good friends of mine and family (the nonknitters) joking call me grandma or, heaven forbid I'm sitting our porch rocker knitting, well, grandma is just the beginning.

Love the pick-your-own places! The kids always have a ton of fun.


I LOVE that place! Whenever my kids and I fly home to visit my parents we take a trip there. Last time I was there the Alpacas kept mugging for the camera and I was trying to figure out if there was a non-crazy way to ask if the farm sells their fleece.

kathy boyer

Oh yes. To each his own. Wouldnt want us to all be fighting over the same great skeins of yarn. That would drive the prices up to who know where.


Yep, the majority of bikers are normal folk with normal jobs. It's only a few rough types who get remembered though. A Harley can run you anywhere from 25-45 grand here in Canada and the insurance! We don't even want to talk about that.


Love the horse schnozz!

I have yet to consider knitting to be 'work'. It certainly requires effort and at times concentration, but I guess if I enjoy the process I don't think of it as work. Luckily for me - if I did, I'd probably be completely overwhelmed by the work queue/stash in my armoire!


Stereotypes aren't ALL bad. I'd love to be a grandma. As it is, I'm just old enough.
I have an acquaintance with a Harley. She's a specialist M.D. I think they're the only ones who can AFFORD choppers these days, even if they DO get good gas mileage!


Hee hee, so what did he finally end up ordering? I also love knitting for the very same reasons. It has made me a much more patient person...especially in long lines...well, ya know, as long as I have my knitting with me.


I'll second what folks are saying about the "bikers" - Harleys cost more than 20 thousand, so many of the riders are doctors and lawyers who probably want to break out of their role a little bit. My bf works at a BMW motorcycle shop, and I think the customers there shun the biker image and are happier to show that their bikes are expensive toys. Perhaps knitters should be like the bikers and allow the muggles to have their own perception of who we are, while we know the truth...


All of a sudden I was hearing the motorcycle insurance ads tat Geico was running... the one's with "old smokey" with the deep raspity voice.


I betcha that STR skein you had would work great w/the Bloody Mary pattern. You don't have another one lying around, do you?


I love horse noses. Thank you for posting the picture. I am a shameless kisser of big fat flat horse noses.


Do you know that I never touched a horse before that day?!!!

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