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August 31, 2007



the pic of your daughter "spinning" is freakin' adorable. glad to hear that disney treated you well...

Knitting Nettie

All in all it sounds like...well, a day at D-land!

The socks are amazing!! I may have to try that pattern now, darn it. We just got in the new Kaffe Fassett sock yarns and they are beautiful. I wonder how they would do with that pattern. Might be too busy but it is worth a shot.


I'm afraid of rides, so I'll never go to Disney. Since that means a special trip to California or Florida I haven't had to admit my fear to my family. I keep staring at the Charade pattern and thinking about making them for my mom in Lorna's Laces. She doesn't mind thick socks so I think I might be safe.


When I rode Disney's space mountain in the first year they opened it (Anaheim), it was a ride in pitch black. I was a fan of coasters at the time but it wasn't fun... all I could think was that someone was going to get thrown out, hit a wall, and never be seen again. Nasty!

Glad you lived!


Oh man, Space Mountain is scary as hell. I rode it - only once - back in the day, before somebody sued them and they had to slow the damn thing down. It was definitely pitch black and filled with weird lights. And very, very fast.

I primarily remember the giant warning signs mentioning heart attacks and looking approximately like the long disclaimer that Willy Wonka makes all the kids sign at the beginning of the movie (Gene Wilder version), or like an evil version of Santa's List.

Glad you made it out of the happiest place on earth alive.


Why is it that so many people don't get the wole personal space thing? Ugh. Love the pic of you little girl, and I am so sorry the vertigo thing caught you up. You seemed to have recovered well, tho (Dove bars can do that).


Space Mountain? That one was definately my favorite! Of course, we got my sister on it a grand total of once. Just avoid the Small World ride--you'll come out gibbering in multiple languages, singing "It's a small world after all...."


Oh man, I rode that thing pre-slow-down when I was just tall enought to qualify. I was so thin, however, that I kept rising out of my seat from the force. My mom remembers holding me down the whole time.
Sounds like the ride still has bad vibes. I'm really glad you're okay.


wow 4 or 5 hours would be the most i could spend in disneyland in or out of their nice little hospital! you look like you were enjoying the dove bar but i think you can buy them in the grocery store you don't have to endure disney land for a dove bar! your daughter probably enjoyed it so i guess you did have to endure it just this once huh and she has become such a gorgeous creature! wow wee she must be the best of both you and your hhwv...gorgeous gorgeous!


The space mountain thing has nothing to do with age. The last time I rode it was over ten years ago, and you couldn't pay me to ride it again. It had also changed from my first ride on it too, I actually kissed the ground when I got off. I think I'm still traumatized. BTW Girlfriend is gorgeous.

elizabeth m

Glad to hear you survived!

My tolerance for rides has gone down over the years. Used to be, nothing fazed me. Now, I'm not so tough. But yes, the restorative powers of Dove Bars are very high!

That sock is lovely! What a great stitch pattern.


Oh, I'm sorry you became ill! I can't even watch some of those rides without becoming ill, let alone ride them. Good grief! Stay away from them! I looked at the Rowan book, and I couldn't decide. Thanks for the review on that and the tip on the Charade pattern. The picture of your daughter is so cute.


glad your back and in one piece. cant wait to see the socks!

Sarah Jackson

Oh you poor thing. My husband won't go anywhere near that ride. He can't even do the teacups. Glad you recovered and enjoyed the rest of the time there. Dove bars can cure just about anything.


Cute picture of your daughter! So cute! Reminds me of when I was living in AZ as a yungin' and every summer for four summers in a row we went to D-land with family who lived in CA. Good memories. I went back for my 30th bday w/ my mom, aunt, and the aunt we always went with and boys howdy did we have fun! My irreverant aunt kept saying "Disneyland, it's the happiest "effing" place on earth!". I was on the verge of a panic attack the entire time too though. Thank you Zanax.

That Rowan book - I saw it at Churchmouse and I almost picked it up. It was just so beautiful! I can't wait to see you knit something from it. There were four patterns that I knew I would have knitted up had I gotten the book. Thanks for the review.


Oh, that's awful. I went on that thing too, not that long ago, and the noise (why on earth -or is it space?- do they have it that loud?) nearly got me.


You're right... whatever they've done to the "new" Space Mountain.... well, it did me in for the rest of the day. Of course, it was the first thing we rode, so I spent the rest of they day nauseated. Not good. And I LOVE Disneyland, so it was kind of bummer :o(


Sorry you got sick, but at least you got to recover in "The Happiest Hospital on Earth!"

p.s. Give me that Dove bar.


I've only been to the Space Mountain in Orlando, and we all liked it but thought it was a little bit... slow and lame. :-) Didn't stop us from riding it 3x though. Now I want to go check out the Anaheim version, if it's that much scarier. (I go to rollercoaster parks and bungee jump. I like scary rides.)


ICK - strange guy eating stinking food whilst sitting ON TOP OF YOU - no matter if he's Northern European or whatever is just plain IIIIIICCCCCKKKKKKKKK!

I haven't been since my soon-to-be 25 year old twins were about 4!! But I'm going down Thursday evening with one of my BFF's and spending the day at Disneyland before we go to the Women of Faith convention with the rest of our "sisters" in Anaheim. I'll have to remember to take one of my "panic pills" before I GET panicked - oh, and have a dove bar just to be on the safe side!!


Oh no! I love roller coasters and thought the new space mountain was a blast! However, my last trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain has been followed up with a trip to a cardiologist. Blackouts on roller coasters make doctors raise their eyebrows (not fainting... just almost fainting). So much for aging gracefully.

Love the picture!


the exotic-ness transfers well from your genes to Girlfriend's. :)


Man, if only all hospitals were Hospital Disney. That would make any injury seem not so bad as it might otherwise.


Does the Disney hospital staff still wear the old-timey uniforms with the triangle nurses hats and everything? I spent about 7 hours there with a friend on an 8th grade choir field trip. My friend broke out with chicken pox during the day and the Disney people retained us in the hospital so she wouldn't go out an infect other Disney guests. Fun times.


I rode Space Mountain in the early 90s - first (and last) roller coaster ride ever. I got off of it and broke down (shaking, sobbing), and it took me at least 30 min to recover. What a terrible experience. Sorry that you had a bad time, too! :(

Girlfriend is prettier in every picture!

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