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August 03, 2007



I love those markers, but I tend to misplace markers so I find myself using bits of yarn or those rubber markers that are cheap cheap cheap but not terribly exciting.

I'm not much on theme earrings, but I do love fun earrings and I do have wine glass earrings and margarita earrings and next time I go out I may wear one of each.


What a hoot! I love the scene.


oh man-- that picture is great, like a "where's waldo" it's funny to see the 3 groups of people that have NOTHING in common all converge at the beach.


If you get one of those circular key rings that have the hinge on one side and an interlocking 'clip' on the other you can use them for row counters as well. Hang the ring of them on something... a strap on your knitting bag, an eye glass chain, whatever you have. Put the different one on one side. Then as you go thru your rows push the like ones to the other side. So, if your like markers started on the left side of your unique marker, when the right number have been transfered to the right, you know you are done. Of course, you are limited to how many rows you can count, but if you are counting more rows than 6 or so, get a drink and a notepad - it makes counting a little more fun.


I think I spot some Hasidic children in there as well -- see the kid in the IDF shirt? I'm sure they were quite entertained by the bikini girls (they'd probably never seen so much skin!).


oh how fun!

Kim U

LOL, this was exactly how I pictured the scene from your description! Hilarious!!!


Wendy, it's so fun to read of this exciting time in your life. When I read your words "the knit n tonic models", I thought WOWEE, how neat to say that!. You must be over the moon. My son is a digital guy for a top photog in the city (Phila that is) and he constantly regales us with stories of their photoshoots. One would think a young man would love that his days are spent surrounded by beautiful models, but as a rule he's ready to clobber them all. Your story of the gum chewing model standing her ground to keep her gum rang true here.

I wish you wonderful success and I know you will achieve it. We are all smiling big to get to see behind the scenes of your ascent to greatness in this industry (you were already there with us!) Very very best of luck to you, and thanks for sharing the excitement of it all.


I was just reminiscing the other day about some phone earrings I used to have and loved. I also had zippers. I was in seventh grade.

My best friend recently sent me some studs that look like cupcakes. I like cupcakes, and they're small, so I think I'll wear them. But I don't think I could do dangly theme earrings again.


OMG -- never in a million years would I think of such a potential hazard for a family photo shoot. wow.


oh-my-god! That's so funny I can't stop laughing. Full snort-at work!- thank you very much.

The best part is that the bikini girls seem completely oblivious to everyone around them.

Those stitch markers are to die for. Quite lovely!


But if you'd kept the earrings you could have attached them to jump rings and made them into stitch markers! :P


I got some stitch markers (possibly by the same person) for xmas and did turn them into earrings. In fact, I have three holes (two on one side, one on the other), so I used the special marker as the third-hole earring.

Works beautifully--they're my new favorite earrings :)


Ouch, I just remembered the Pink Flamingo earrings I so proudly wore in 1983. I'd like to think it was because I was young and 20 something, rather than just plain bad taste....


The pic is hilarious. Poor family. That must be One Gorgeous View!

I did have theme earrings. I still have them stashed somewhere, I think. Little koosh balls, crabs, peace signs.

I should turn them into stitch markers. How cute it would be to have small koosh ball stitch markers. Now, I just need to go to the craft store and pick up some small rings to replace the dangly earring hooks


Those are some of the most colorful stitch markers I've seen. Etsy is full of some of the best knitting shops.
That scene is great - it's better than anything I'd imagined

Pam the Yarn Goddess

If you also use counters, Hide 'n Sheep on Etsy makes gorgeous counter bracelets that have a hook to hold your stitch markers. That way, you can count rows and have your markers handy and ready to go. I've got about a dozen or so of them and have never had any problem with the markers coming off the hook.


Nearly all of my stitch markers come from this Etsy store: zero.etsy.com.

I have definitely hung some of them from my ears, but they're comparatively simple. And inexpensive as far as pearl earrings go!

Miz Booshay

You described it all so well...
and there is the proof!

Everybody wants to take photos in that lovely light!


It's something I know nothing about.

But it really does make all the difference doesn't it?

Along with the light,
of course.


I think your photographic adventure might make an art-house movie. Peter Weir directing, perhaps?
I did theme earrings when I was a children's librarian. I still do if I am feeling child-like. But it doesn't happen so often now.


I have Eiffel Tower earrings and bat earrings. I cannot part with them.


It was the 80s, of COURSE I had theme earings!! My favorites? Zippers. The zipper thingy you move up and down the zipper. In black. I was WAY cool. I also had some that looked like shower curtain rods. We needed big hair to keep up with the big earrings!!


I'll take any wild earrings that any one wants to get rid of! My DD is an ER nurse in a children's hospital. She wears wild earrings to distract the kids from their scary surroundings. She stopped here on her way to work a few days ago, and she was wearing little alligators on her ears.

Heather B

Haahaa haaa I've been laughing about the bonnie lasses picturing them frolicking around in tartan bikinis since your last post. Gotta love the button down family trying to get their picture taken with that in the background.


Those stitch markers are beautiful, but I agree, probably best left to the knitting basket rather than on your ears.
That beach scene is very reminiscent of the area along the Great Ocean Road here in Victoria. Just shows that beaches around the world are much the same.

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