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August 18, 2007


Linda L.

Coming out of lurkdom to say - beautiful Charades! Now I have to make a pair, thick or not. Sounds like the pickle-eater at your LYS is a real (pardon the pun) sour puss. Don't waste your energy responding to that mood vampire. (But keep telling us about her!)
And for your guyfriend - my gut says go for the charcoal Gems.
Love the blog!
~ Linda in Wisconsin


The only thing that is keeping me from the charcoal is that I'm knitting two other projects in black yarn! My eyes need a break. (But I'm still leaning toward it anyway.)


Charcoal seems more guy-like to me, but I don't think I'm too tapped into male perspectives on socks.

What's up with the crunchy pickle-eating lady and her unsolicited opinion?! It's not like you made the socks for her! Oh well.


So what's wrong with thick socks, anyway? Last I checked smooshyness was an asset for knitted items. I never liked pickles... maybe that's her problem, too many pickles.


If I ever said half of the things I thought out loud I would be in big trouble. And that's trouble with a capital T :)


Oh yes, we love to hear what the b****es, er ladies (cough, cough) at the LYS have to say.


Seriously? Fun Fur? On a baby jacket? Seriously!


Yeah, seriously. Let's hope that baby doesn't smoke or get too close to the bbq.

Knitting Nettie

Love the socks!! Don't look one bit thick in my humble opinion and I have knit my fair share....

I would like to say our shop had the spice yours seems to, but I really don't wish for that...we have the nicest group of ladies, and I love every minute of it. Those funny ones do seem to make the day worth talking about when they do come in though!!


Thick? Maybe she's a little thick? I thought the whole point of hand knits is that they look great but are also warm and comfy, in other words not nylons.
I took a poll and have been informed that both are "manly colors" but that charcoal is more versatile.


You don't have to change LYS Wendy, you just have to pop Ms. Pickle in the face the next time she touches your knitting. Personal space - hear of it, Pickle Eater? :)

I like the linen color for the man-socks. I think it's more versatile.


I think I'll throw in a vote for charcoal, too. Seems more like a good "man" color and is also versatile.

I've thought about saying something about that LYS, but then there would be no stories and some of them really make me laugh! Clearly she's the thick one. I mean, seriously... FUN FUR BABY SWEATER?! Ugh.


I just finished sock #1 of my first pair of Charades, using STR Lightweight (size 1 DPNs). I gotta say they are thick. They feel almost like a boot sock. Not that that's a bad thing. Just a little surprising. Luckily they fit in my clogs, because the last thing I need to have to do is buy shoes to fit my heavier socks. That wouldn't go over well with my DH.


Well, if she reads your blog, now she knows what you think of the fun fur.... just saying...

The socks are lovely, and look to be the correct thickness! I have that same yarn in that same color and you have inspired me to get moving on a pair of socks.


Could be, could be, but I don't think she realizes that she eats so many pickles whilst in the shop.


She's probably just jealous because your socks are so cool.
I vote for the charcoal color for the guy socks. My guy likes dark socks, grey, blue, green.


Pickle eaters have a notorious lack of self-awareness. I had forgotten that! I guess you're in the clear. ;)


love the socks and the guy socks could be either color light color with tan or kahki pants would e great.


I'd go with the charcoal myself... and as for pickle-lady, she's the one who's "thick"... those socks are gorgeous!


Changing yarn stores would be like changing gyms, n'est-ce pas? Weirdness is the spice of life. Or so I keep telling myself when I am tempted to flee my city for an easier place to live.


I was leaning towards the charcoal, then I remembered you live in a warm place where a light colour is probably better!


ps the socks look good, I think I might knit a pair for myself!



The funny thing is, I'm pretty sure she has only knitted one pair of socks. Ever. And that was just in the last few months. Her problem is that she thinks she's an expert on everything...


I LIKE thick socks... and only wear thin ones if my feet are swollen and my shoes are tight..... Who asked HER, anyway? Press on!


Oh good lord! You need to come to my LYS, Knitch in Atlanta. They truly are wonderful! Always friendly, helpful and cheer you on. Been there several times when beginners or master knitters such as yourself finish an object and they make a big deal out of it. Way cool to have an entire store cheer your work.


I love the socks and am willing to bet your friend's mom will too. I'd love to meet that borish judgemental person in your LYS, I wouldn't be so dignified about it. I've been nasty that way lately ;)

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