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August 28, 2007



Enjoy Disneyland...cuz we are going to be enjoying this great scarf pattern! Thank you...and I love your Elmo!


Great scarf & wouldn't you know, I just happen to have not one but TWO hanks of Malabrigo lace weight in my stash - W00T W00T!!! I think it was meant to be :-)


Love the song. I think Annie Lennox has done the best version on her Diva cd. A fabulouse cd that my hubby & I discovered in a tattoo parlor.


When I read the song, all I could think of was "Big Mouth Billy Bass" singing it. Maybe you don't have the fake fish mounted on a board that sings and dances when you push a button where you are, but in Minnesota it's just the norm.

Have fun on your trip. You deserve it!


Oh, good LORD. Remind me to avoid Minnesota.

Estate stuff just blows. As someone said, that on top of grieving is ridiculous. Am currently trying to convince grandpa-in-law to draw up a will. The man has significant assets, enough to rend a family asunder, and he expects a verbal agreement to be enough. Which it might be, if anyone saw eye to eye NOW, much less when he does leave us....

Enjoy Disney and try not to think about things! I guess the lines will give you plenty of knitting time?


Hi there Wendy -

I ran across your lovely "Le Slouch" earlier in the month, and wanted to share my F.O. I love the pattern, and am sure I'll make another. Hope your vacation is fabulous. The link below should take you to the photo, or you can just go to my blog URL.




I had to laugh when you asked what does one say to: "Wow! I didn't recognize you, you look so good!"
I mean, really. Does the person think you usually look... not so good, or what?

Thanks for the free pattern.


Thanks for the beautiful pattern! I may have to get some lace weight.....


I spent the weekend trying to get past row 9 of the Easy Flame Lace Scarf. I've been through at least 4 frogs, but I keep starting over. I WILL beat it into submission. My husband thinks I'm nuts.

Maybe if I didn't try to watch Season Five of 24 at the same time.....

Am I the only one having this much trouble???


Once you get through row 9, you'll be on track. Just know that the stitch pattern is staggered and you won't want to stack it.

Miss Scarlett

Annie Lennox does a great cover of that song too.

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