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April 24, 2007


Knitting Nettie

Daikon, eh? Never heard that one but it (sadly) fits my enormous calves to a "T"!! I don't know how they are so huge, but body builders would kill for them. I just always referred to them as stove pipes and have to be extremely careful where a skirt hits me. *sigh!*


Eh, don't worry about the legs - the socks are beautiful.


My, my, are you a busy bee these days! Every so often I have that gobsmacked feeling when I see how many dozens of garments you've knit in the time that I've been puttering away by millimeters at the same old boring sweater. Yes, I know I am not British and technically have no rights to use the term "gobsmacked," but it's such a perfect word for what I mean that I am hoping the lingo police don't come after me...


Daikon legs? That cracked me up. I know what you mean though. I just recently finished my first pair of knitted socks and I swear my feet looked 3x larger and may calves the same. I didn't have the nerve to put the pics on my blog though, so kudos to you. I just paired my feet up to a nice glass of red wine. And then I felt much better.


Does your camera have a timer? With a timer you could at least change the persepective to avoid the distortion.

I like my Daikon legs. :)

Sometimes. :/


Hi Wendy,

Well, heck, you know I'll chime in if you mention the M (Missoni) word. I like the pattern alot. Its hard to tell how fine the yarn is -- I know its a pain, but would it work better in a sock yarn weight? Don't hate me -- I've stopped knitting to play more tennis, but I live vicariously . . .


Dris, I hear ya. In person it's better than on that shot. I wouldn't use a sock weight yarn because, heck, I don't have the time!


Wendy -- its a lovely pattern -- who am I to critique? I do love your vision. Wish I could give you my surrogate fingers for a few hours . . .

Miz Booshay

I'm seeing Missoni.
That's really what crossed my mind before you mentioned it.

Yeah. Italy on the mind.

My best photo of socks while on my feet...

Oh. Yeah.

That's right.

Give it a try :o)


Uh-oh! Busted at the LYS, eh? That's too funny.

I love the stitch for your upcoming tank. Is that the Brillo?


It is!

gina L

LYS owners aren't always in the know about blogland -I tell you I sure wish mine was. Anything worth knowing about in the knitting world circulates in the blogsphere. Beach Knitting in Hermosa Beach has been a wonderful additon to my local resources. They have what I am looking for in a LYS.


thanks for the good chuckle over you thinking you had legs that looked like they belonged to Tony Soprano ! The socks are lovely - and yes, I totally agree that it is hard to photograph your own legs from any kind of appealing angle. too funny.


Yeah, I feel for that Jojoba/Aloe thing too...I'm working on a pair of socks out of it now and the only difference I can tell is that the yarn is just slippery...

And even if your legs are white, at least they aren't hairy like a monkey! I have to work to get creative sock wearing pictures that don't involve making people think I'm a furry creature!


I'm so glad to hear other sock knitters have experienced this phenomena. Must be something about the angle of the camera - adds 10 pounds - to my LEGS!


Not only did I NOT feel any benefits from knitting with the Austermann Step Sock Yarn with Aloe, but the socks, when worn, make my feet and legs itch something wicked. I suppose that makes me a delicate fower.


The socks are beautiful! The ichiness of hand-knitted socks are the reason that I knit socks only for others, and not myself:).
Your blog is addictive! I have read all the archives as well, so I am not surprised that the daughter of the LYS clerk was reading it.
Cannot wait to see the tank!


I knit some socks with an aloe yarn recently too. I realized after they were done, when I pulled the label it was in there, because I sure as heck didn't notice it while knitting. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. Self foot portraits are tough. I've never tried one, just knowing what my shoebox feet look like in real life is tough enough.


I think its a shame you're deleting some of your archives, you've such great stuff, I'm sure you will love referring back to it many years from now. No more deleting!!


Yes,I am not so fond of my ankles in general and any time I might need to photograph them for the blog, I weep inside.
One suggestion, Try putting the camera on the floor with a timer. Prop it up on books if necessary, and then get your ankles straight on. Usually, it's much better.


I love how your socks came out. As for photo taking of your own feet, I've gotten good results when I stand and band over, holding the camera in front of my feet. Here's a link to my fo shots of Jaywalkers using the same yarn: http://bigballofyarn.blogspot.com/2007/04/so-nice-i-made-em-twice.html


I always try to get creative when photographing socks. You're right, they're a tough sell. Just wanted to tell you how much I like the swatch. It's very intriguing. Hope it turns in to something soon!


I love what that slip-stitch does to that yarn. Hey if Missioni means making your eyes hurt then you are there! That and you will have to get that lithesome Margherita to model the swatch. Or the tank.


Oh, and you do not have daikon legs, but the term is very funny. I can't think of daikon now without thinking of Spirited Away.


"Daikon Legs" -- hey, you almost made me spit out my coffee, that is funny! I had a pal who referred to her Baby Dolphin Upper Arms. What a crack-up!

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