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March 29, 2007



I have been STRUGGLING off and on all afternoon trying to figure out how to do a provisional cast-on. I must have looked at 10 knitting videos or sites--including the Knitting Help.com one ( a site I generally like and recommend--but I just wasn't getting it, you know? JUST NOT GETTING IT. And here you are, bingo, I got it immediately.

Thank You So Much!


There is a GREAT video tutorial @ www.knittinghelp.com that shows provisional cast-on. I tried to understand it from books and another video source, but just couldn't "get" it. I went to knittinghelp.com and tried it and GOT it, even though I'm a novice knitter. The provisional cast-on will come in handy for so many projects, and it even lets you add length to something, like a sweater, if you've miscalculated and the sweater is too short for the intended wearer. The possibilities are limitless with this skill.


I know this is two years too late - but I just found this tonight when I had to do a provisional cast on for the first time and I didn't want to run out to the store for a crochet hook - which I don't know how to use! So I searched around and found this method! Thanks so much!!!!


I cannot thank you enough for this easy explanation of the provisional cast on. I just cast on the 66 stitches for the looped loop cowl and it was completely easy and stress-free.


I don't know why but I have had a severe mental block when it comes to the provisional cast on. Doesn't matter how many books I read or videos I watch, I just can't seem to get it right. Until now!! Thanks for this little tutorial!


thank you so much! I've watched hours of videos and none of them made sense. This was so easy, now I can have my "homework" done for the workshop I'm taking tomorrow!

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