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February 28, 2007



Hee - I love everything about the shawl that you don't care for! (well, maybe I agree about the shawl pin thingy) but that's what makes life interesting and the world go 'round, that we're all different - and that's a good thing.

So sorry to hear your bad news, though. I will be sure to include him, and you, in my prayers tonight.


I like the idea of knitting a shawl. But wearing one? Nevah. BUT.. IF I was forced to...it would be a rectangular one.


Simply put with great style!
Brevity and bluntness is always to be admired.

Loved the heavy (i.e. warm and functional) shawl that the housekeeper Mercedes wore in Pan's Labyrinth. Couldn't take my eyes off that thick, cozy thing throughout the movie.


Oooh, a shawl cage match might be something.

The best shawl, IMO: Blue Moon STR heavyweight in 2 colorways that blend well together. Knit diagonally a big parallelogram (like Clapotis without the drops), changing yarns every row (hide the changes inside the slipped first sts). It's awesome, washable, heavy, fun to knit, no patterns or holes. I made one for my mom and she even likes it and has many a rule for the shawls she will wear, if any.


I should say changing every 2 rows. In case someone tries to follow the above...


Heh heh. I like to see a favorite blogger be direct about her opinions. It's your blog, after all, why waste time being diplomatic? We're here to hear what you think.

I also found this post very interesting because shawls are one of those knitted items that can be so fabulous or kind of useless, depending on the yarn, the pattern, the climate, and the wearer's feelings about shawls.

I never worry about taking sartorial risks, my own self. Of course, even though I generally think of that as a positive thing, I may at some point be faced with the crew of "What Not to Wear" while I'm blithely parading down the street in three knitted objects and a host of inappropriate jewelry (although to be honest, I haven't worn any jewelry in years).

My feelings about shawls are that they are the perfect thing to wrap up in when one is sitting on the couch and feels a draft on the back of the neck. I'm knittin' one right now - a wide Clapotis, because my couch is drafty. That is my 12 cents on the matter. Love reading everyone else's, too.


PS. Oops - sorry about that overlong comment. I got carried away.


Lizbon, I love your comments. Write On!

Miss Scarlett

I am so sorry to hear about your stepfather (?). And still having vertigo.
You need to be able to get it all out here - shawls are as good a topic as any.
The pics of all those teensy pins on lacy points is exactly what strikes the fear of god into me. I have stayed away from shawls because of those alone! But I do like the idea of a substantial shawl. In fact I use knitted throws much like you use your shawls. Nothing is better than sleeping beneath a handknit.


Sorry about your bad news.

You're making a shawl out of Svale? I can't wait to see that!


sorry to hear about your vertigo, but i'm glad you mentioned it again because i forgot to look up the article i wanted to tell you about when you last mentioned it. do you know about john epley's work? if not here's an article from the oregonian: http://www.oregonlive.com/oregonian/stories/index.ssf?/base/business/1167379031269360.xml&coll=7

my coworker said her sister was so bad she couldn't even walk on her own because she was so dizzy she'd fall over and dr. epley had her feeling good again in just one visit. i hope you feel better.


No, not planning a shawl out of it...I only have 7 skeins. BUT, It would make a good one, come to think of it. Guro, Thanks a bunch for sending me back to the yarn store for some more yarn that I do not need!


Finally delurking to tell you how I love reading your opinions on the shawls.... just can't agree more with you ;o)


I also have to say, and it looks like I'm not the only one here, triangular scarf look beautiful, are fun to knit, but are so difficult to wear if you don't want to look like a granny. As I usually do the light lacy ones I can wear them wrapped around my neck, but that's about it. I'll have to try it again in summer with a nice dress, maybe it would look different then.


nice to hear a good solid opinion!
i am wishy washy on the whole thing- the lace ones are fun to knit but i cant practically imagine a way to wear...
how about you do a fashion layout wearing shawls in a way that makes sense? you have a great fashion sense - i would love to see that!
feel better!


So sorry about your family member's illness. I liked reading your shawl opinion. I do like shawls and I happen to make very funky shawl pins, but they're not for everyone and it's nice to see someone tell it like it is - are you sure???:)


I have one lace shawl - I never wear it. Well, sometimes as a scarf under my jacket. Next shawl will be HUGE and out of dk/worsted yarn for some heft.

I have several shawl pins too - but I used them to hold buttonless sweaters together (ie. a shrug and a Lady of the Lake sweater). I figure it is a good compromise.


My only shawl so far is my clapotis made from Noro Silk Garden. It fits all your descriptions of an approved shawl. I wear it twisted around my neck a few times or over my shoulders and then up over one. I never pin it but was thinking I would. Now I'm not sure. I do need a pin for my Fleece Artist Celtic vest, but maybe I'll knit a buttonhole instead... I totally get where you are coming from and appreciate your point of view.

Mary K. IN Rockport



Ha ha! Hear, so-totally-hear. I agree 100%.


I like knitting them but hate wearing them. How weird is that? I also once caved and purchased some weird wood shawl pin thingie, hated it as a shawl pin but love it as a hair pin. heh.

Sorry about the sad news, poor guy. That's just an awful thing.


I'm sorry for your sad news. I am making my first shawl. It's a bit intimidating to follow a chart for the first time. So what are your favorite shawl patterns?


I don't care much for shawls. I'm knitting caplets for my twins and darn it all, I need to buy some little shawl pins (I don't care for the i-cord ties). I agree that a shawl does need some heft and if I'm chilly, I wear a quilt (around the house). I really want to design a quilted shawl (to wear in public) although then everyone will think I'm completely off my rocker.


I, too, love shawls. I have two that I wear whenever, where ever. Both are triangular (BIG triangles, don't point to the bottom, but cover it) and neither are lace (although I like knitting the lace shawls). One is a faux blue mohair (my first shawl ever) and the other is a multicolored blue/rose/plum in a heavier weight wool. I've had to temporarily retire the faux mohair--I have an infant now who tries to eat the fuzzies.

And on to shawl pins--I have one. And I love it. It's lightweight, a gracefully curved piece of wood with a wooden pin. I don't fear snags with it--after all, the pin is smaller than the needles I knit my shawls on--and it keeps the shawl where I want it. And to be honest, I don't really take the pin off--I usually wind up pulling the shawl over my head like a poncho. Although I would never wear a poncho..... ;)

Marie Grace

I think there was some talk about shawls going on but really I blacked out as soon as I saw the Svale at the top of the post. Love Svale. Totally. Love. It.

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