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February 05, 2007



it's gorgeous!!!


The swing coat does look pretty promising and although I am very curious and drawn to it (and it's fabulous figure flaw hiding design), it's the SHOES that are making me type here. The other thing you just can't leave behind at a sale - cool brightly colored shoes. I love the peep toes and I love the citrusy color. If only it wasn't 6 degrees in Boston, I'd be wearing something similar!


As quoted in Lily's Purple Plastic Purse, "Wow, that's all I could say is wow"


Did I watch the Superbowl yesterday? No. Did my yarn shop have a sale for Superbowl Sunday? Yes. Did I go? No. I went today and paid full price. But in return I missed the masses of people and skipped all the lines. Do I feel it was worth it? Yes.


fab fab fab from head to toe!


Wow! I'm thrilled you showed another picture because I had seen the fur collar version in the gallery and I was waiting to tell you just how much I like it! the sleeves are adorable! :)


I love this sweater and can hardly wait until it is out, the layering potential is so great and will keep me warm yet stylish in the chilly climate I live in.

Rhonda Federici

I have been anticipating this sweater! I love it! You're so stylish. I'd love to see it really fitted though - is that possible? Or does that totally de-swing it? I'm petit and unfortunatley wide-hipped so I'm just worried that the boxiness of it will be unflattering.


Rhonda: Take control of your knitting and don't do any increases in the body!


Oh this post. How charming, how funny, how true-to-life.

OK, in the spirit of full disclosure, here's how out-of-tune-with-"normal"-society I am: I didn't even know the SuperBowl was last weekend.

Instead I spent Sunday walking in the park, knitting, and discovering the meaning of life (really), not necessarily in that order. I don't think I missed a thing.


Okay, so call it no-name swing-ish coat and let us have it! :) I can't wait to cast on. ...and buy non-sale yarn with which to make it!

...your luck sounds like mine...


Holy cow! I have the fur trim from one of my mom's coats just sitting in my closet. Now I actually have a use for it. Can't wait to knit the coat! It's fab!


The coat is cute and it looks perfect for walking that sad-eyed dog on a cool, fresh morning.


Can't wait until the pattern has a name! I can see that this will be a staple in my wardrobe! Just what I need and have been looking for.


Ohhh....love it! Come up with a groovy name for it, it is a fine-lady coat. Can't wait to see the pattern.


Please name the coat tonight! I can't wait. I'm in love with Chuck!


I think one of the commenters before me nailed it: dog walking coat.

Can't wait for it, whatever you name it!


I love this!! It reminds me of something my Great Grandma Erma wore...only way cooler and updated of course. But I still have several of those 3/4 sleeve coats from my grandmas and this is the shape minus the bottom. Name it...I can't wait.


my lys did not have a sale on sunday; and i ended up working behind the counter! but still had fun. the swing coat looks great! can't wait for the pattern! take care.


My not so local yarn shop had their Winter Sale the Thurs, Fri and Saturday before Super Bowl... they are closed on Sundays. I can't imagine what my bill would have been if I had not paid discounted prices on Saturday - it was pretty obscene as it was!


Darn you Wendy! Just when I had made a mid-January resolution to not buy any new patterns till I finish Salina AND Sizzle with sleeves, you come up with another one that I simply must have. Darn you! Looks great and I eagerly await the pattern!


Love it... Love it... Love it!


You are freakin' fab.

Re: superbowl sales....my LYS had one, and I went to it....and what I bought? NOT ON SALE. Sheesh.



My 16 year old son opted to work yesterday (he works in an Asian restaurant, where one of the cooks actually brought in a tv to watch the game). My family is not much into any televised sports. I went to the grocery store sometime during the game and it was heaven. Me and one other lady (and my son who I'd just fetched from work) had the whole store to ourselves. If my other son hadn't been sick I might have snuck up to Denver and done some lys shopping...


I really love the swing coat! It's so reminiscent of something my grandmother would have worn(whom I really adore,btw.)That's also a fabulous picture of you, I swear you could have a career as a model along with designing knitwear!

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