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February 26, 2007



I would be a very happy camper if you made some wonderful shawl patterns. They're so versatile, and a great way to use a fairly intricate stitch pattern or an amazing color, without any of that silly shaping going on! I'm begging you to channel Margarita Missoni and make something fabulous yet wearable!


What, you don't want to make the lingerie from the new IK? Yay for Embossed Leaves! I just finished a pair of those recently. And I love fantasizing about knitting almost more than I love knitting. There are worse ways we could spend our time and I love the satisfaction of having something to show for how I spend my free time.


You were reading my mind when you wrote your post! I've been thinking the same things. I definitely want to knit more socks because they get the most wear of any of my knits but they often seem so menial to knit. I think I just analyze things too much.

Anyway, as for a shawl, I'm in love with Amy Singer's Tuscany in her new book, No Sheep for You, that came in the mail today. I also was pleasantly surprised to see a super cute top by you-hoo in there as well. Very nice... and will be added to the waaayyy too long list. :)


Hey wendy do you know whether they do yarn winding as part of the service at kpixie. Thinking very much of getting the flair knit kit!
Love your designs!


Hi Mel, I think that they do offer yarn winding, but you'll have to write them to make sure...


When you said you never ever want to knit a bathing suit, I was so glad to hear even you say that. You're always so adventurous in your knitting--but I gotta be honest here, any of those bathing suits I've ever seen are really ugly and border on obscene in my opinion. Socks on the other hand(or should I rephrase that and say foot)are something I myself am really hankering to get into as well. And as far as your brain collecting tons of ideas all the time as per what you want to knit next, I think it may be a syndrome attributed to being a knitter, am I right? Way to many great designers, and yarn, and patterns......one's mind can explode with the possibilities!

gina L

Using knitting as fulfillment outside of myself is relatively a healthy escape. It can and has been a way to avoid what I don't want to face. On the upside being brought outside of myself assists me to not over think things or worry. Does that make sense? When my husband comments on my constant knitting projects I point out that I could be shopping or be at happy hour somewhere. In my community of peers there are so many suburban housewives with prescription drug addictions! If we can remain just yarnaholics I think we are safe.


You'll sell 2 copies of the you-know for sure. I gots the other one in covet-control & can hardly wait to have it live-in-person. Or live-in-book, as the case may be. Those visors...ugh. Now if you see a guy in one with the li'l foamy things from michael's glued all over, & his 4 yo crafty daughter is not in the immediate vacinity, the humane thing would be a tranquilizer dart.


You've gotta knit for the love of it. No doubt about it. That's why I've got two pairs of Embossed Leaves on the needles right now. My problem is that my stash follows me around the house screaming at me to be cast on into a thousand new projects. I'm lucky if I can keep the WIPs below 20.


Heheh..Or if you wear those topless hats either sideways or backwards and upside down. I've actually tried knitting underwear. After knitting that (and putting it on) I'd never knit another pair either. But...my husband likes it..so, what the heck. :)


Visor wearing dudes make me cringe. I would never want to knit a visor. I'm the same way with my knitting (only stuff Ir eally want to knit) and while I'm working on one thing I am fantasizing about the next project.


All your UFOs do is jump out and say "Boo?" Mine mock me mercilously.


I find UFO's when I clean out drawers, etc. Every time I find one, I either finish it, or frog it....or at least that is what I try to do. I just found 3 pair of socks that are still OTN and they NEED to be finished.


Oh, this thread is reminding me that I have about half a dozen UFOs that need to be frogged, the yarn washed to get the squigglies out, and reknit into something(s) better. Like Sizzle. If I frogged now, I could maybe have it knit in time to actually wear it this summer...


I have to agree about the bathing suit, but since I live in the Great White North (and boy is it cold these days!) I could really use some knitted underwear. I wouldn't really wear them as underwear, more as something to keep my bum warm on those cold, cold days!


Going with one of my knitting buds to go meet Vicki Howell this weekend near Boston, and we were talking about how excited we will be to get your book when it comes out. (And we hope that you'll do a book tour!)

Shawls are great. Please design them. Please put them in the book!


I too only knit things I want to and primarily (having no children) for myself.

What I really wish is that I could continue to want what I was knitting when it was 95% complete instead of looking on to the next project.

Finishing is not the same as knitting. Neither is blocking. At least there is something to look forward to with that Flair and knitting in the round.

Any thoughts on overcoming the blocking aversion?


furthermore... I'd welcome any man, bald or otherwise in one of those anti-hats if they would only show up when it was time to finish my knitting!


So, you won't be knitting spring IK bra and thong, or creating your own such designs?



I regret to inform you, no, I will not (I'll have to check that pattern out, though, because I can't remember seeing it!)


I am afraid to check my UFOs because I fear I will find more than 12.... one is cashmere. I am insane.

Persnickety Knitter

Hmmm, I've got waaaaay more than 12 UFO's. I guess that is kind of unhealthy.

Do you really wear your shawls a lot? I love knitting shawls, but I find they don't really fit into my lifestyle (although I wish they did).


Yeah, the shawls do fit in my lifestyle, but I avoid the fussy ones, i.e., lace-work ones. I like solid-feeling ones that wrap around you and help you to actually feel warm and not all victorian-like.


I'm so glad to see that you wear shawls and wraps! I have a few I have made that I love, but I always wonder if they fall into the Grey Gardens eccentric category of fashion. But if you wears them, they must be okay. You are fabulous!


PS. Persnickety, honey, I also have waaaaay more than 12 UFOs, so don't feel too bad - or maybe we both should...

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