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January 01, 2007



I learned to crochet when I was a kid, so I had the opposite experience: knitting seemed like the hard thing I could never do. These days I love it when I can do a small crochet project or add some crochet edging to a knitting pattern - but I can't do too much cause it hurts my wrists!


I crocheted for over 30 years. I thought knitting took too long ... which I don't think now. But I'm sure glad I know how to crochet for borders, corrections or joinings etc. I just don't crochet much anymore due to hand strain. And Knitting is my love now! You belt is nice in the colors you used.

Jeanne B.

Oh, I love to crochet, too. And weave. All fiber arts involving yarn are pretty much an obsession. Crocheting baby sweaters is a blast—they work up super quick. Not sure what to do about needleworkers ie quilters and pointers. I've done counted cross-stitch in the past and all it did was make me "cross". Give me yarn any day! PS, that is a really cool belt, very retro.


My mom gave me a crochet magazine for Christmas, forgetting that I suck at crochet, but remembering that I'm interested in it (it's my dream to have a huge, single granny square blanket). I decided to flip through it and see how the other half lives, and I have to say I was completely appalled. Not only was there an entire piece devoted to the snobbiness of knitters, but there were references sprinkled throughout to same. They also, at every turn, took the opportunity to point out not just how popular crochet is, but how much more popular crochet is than knitting. It's not enough to turn me off the craft (though all of the designs were also hideous, but so is Knit N' Style), but it is enough to turn me off, just a little bit, from the crochet community.

Awesome belt!


I'm not a crocheter hater and I don't understand the rivalry. I learned how to crochet at a young age and then years later picked up knitting - which I love!!! I'm glad that I know how to crochet because it comes in very handy, but seriously what's the deal with the "crocheters hate knitters" thing? I can't believe there was an article dissing on knitters in the crochet magazine Marlena referred to - and do you all think crochet is really more popular than knit?


My sister (working on her Master Knitters thingy) taught me to knit when I was 9---it didn't stick. About 10 years ago I taught myself to crochet from a video. I went crazy with it and LOVED it because my sister (the knitting guru hated it). It gave me a chance to be good at something that she didn't already excel at. I know she could if she chose to---it just wasn't her thing. The woman is a former home-ec teacher, she cooks, she sews (or should I say "tailors") as well as knits. She excels at anything she trys her hand at. I just wanted something I could call my own and I found it in crochet.

The siren call of knitting finally caught up with me last year and my wonderful sister has been helping me along. I still crochet when I want something fast and easy that I can do without looking.

Love the Koigu belt. I have yet to work with Koigu yet but it looks fabulous.

As for knitting vs. crochet, it's like that song from Oklahoma about the farmers and the cow men....

"Oh the knitters and crocheters should be friends.
Oh knitters and crocheters should be friends.
One girl likes to hook loop
The other uses two long sticks
But that's no reason why they can't be friends.

Fiber folk should stick together
Fiber folk should all be pals
Knitter teach crocheter's daughter
Crocheter teach the knitter's pal!"

Karen B.

I'm with Jeanne B. Although I primarily knit these days, I've done it all from crewel work and rug hooking to crochet, macrame, sewing and (gasp!) basket weaving.

Big tent, I say!

Mary Lynn in Cleveland

I knit. I crochet. I have a quilt top in process. I never finish anything! LOL!!

Anyway my most favorite LYS is in Avon, Ohio, called Birds of a Feather. It is in a huge old barn. The first floor is quilt and hand hooked (not latched hooked) rugs. The upstairs is dedicated to yarns. Both floors have areas for people to sit around and work on their favorite fiber art. The people are lovely and the place is perfect. One day, my 5 year old son were out and about and when he realized where we were going, he broke out with "I love this place."


I learn to crochet frist...and honestly, I can crochet 10x faster than I can knit!

I love quilting and have quite a few quilts under my belt, but needle point???...some of the stuff that's out there is just beyond me. I can't imagine working with all those stringys and wholes...though Kaffe Fasset(think that's how you spell it) has just phenomenal needle point to drool over.

Great belt.

Hey! Where we on the same stuff...because I needed a crochet fix...check out my page.

Love ya.


I've crocheted since fourth grade( too many years ago) but three years ago I picked up knitting with an obsession( I've never heard the phrase "Crochet Addicted", but I am living proof of "Knitting Addicted"). I don't know what it is about the rhythm of knitting that I don't get with the hook, although I do crochet when it can help me out with knitting. And, nothing beats the speed of crocheting. Although, since it uses 30% more yardage than crocheting, it isn't usually cost-effective for me since I prefer working with natural fibers. I have Alapaca tastes on a Red Heart budget!
Knitting ,to me, is about the fabric, crochet you see each and every stitch, you can't get away from that. I guess it depends on what you want for your finished look. Either way there's room in our world for both.


Crochet... Knit... I have seen the rivalry, but for the most part it's good natured. Where I live, there's only the one shop in town that supports crochet, too. I'm a knitter myself, but sometimes envy the speed of chrochet. I took a class and enjoy the process; I just enjoy knitting more. I think when my knitting skills are a little further along, I'll spend a little time hooking.

In the end, though whatever keeps the LYS in business works for me!


Awesome belt! love the colors!
I LOVE that song (posted by Eileen up above).


I think there's a lot of ugly associated with crochet - not that knitting doesn't have its you-knit-what? moments, but with crochet, I think it's a bit harder to overcome that past. I just taught myself how to crochet, mostly because I crave an afghan and knitting it just takes too dang long. But yeah, there is a bit of a crochet stigma among knitters.

On the other note, my LYS in my hometown is actually a quilt shop that has turned into a yarn shop as well, and it's a really fun and interesting place, but there are definitely two sides to it. The quilters always seem more stressed to me when they come in, anxious, and I'm always tempted to tell them to go walk through the yarn section, pet some cashmere and relax!


I love Crochet, too. So fast and fun. Needlepoint is especially fun if you're doing a Kaffe Fasset canvas.


At the core, it's all about sticks and string - variations on a theme as it were...or to torture another metaphor, "...we may be apples and oranges, but we're all still fruit..."

May we all find our bliss in whatever crafty way we may, and allow others the pleasure of doing the same!


Such a pretty belt!

For me it's not knitting vs. crocheting. It's about creating.

My first venture into fiber arts was as a very young girl. My mom taught me to embroider. Then I was into cross stitch, then crochet, and now knitting. I suspect quilting is in my future, as well as basket weaving.

Keep up the good work!


Love the belt! I crocheted a bunch of beads on to little socks for my nieces many years ago so I must've known how once. I was actually just looking at a beautiful scarf in Scarf Style that is all crochet... maybe it's time for a crochet book. Hmmmm. Then again it might lead me to stab myself in delirium with one of the many sharp needles lying about the house.

At any rate, I have the utmost admiration for anybody that can produce something beautiful with yarn, thread, needle(s), or fabric.


I like to crochet too. I love crocheted afgans & ponchos. Probably because that is what I had as a child. Wild colors & lots of fringe, great for twirling.

Also...I have to thank you for pointing my husband in the right direction for Xmas. Thanks to you I have a lovely skein of Blue Moon sock yarn in Rocktober..Yeah!(insert rock n roll horn fingers here) He also now refers to you by first name and if ever a knitting question comes up he tells me to "Ask Wendy. You know her I corresponded with her."


I've been knitting for a few years now, and I'm working on learning crochet. So far so good. I was going to sign up for a semester of classes at the local adult school, but I opted to take quilting instead. My quilting could use some tutoring, whereas I think I can figure out the crochet thing on my own with the help of a book and the internet. That, and the beginner and intermediate crochet classes involves making swatches that you are supposed to save and then seam together to make an afghan. I was told by the class teacher that my afghan will take an average of two years to complete. Um, no thanks. I just wanna learn how to make baby bootees and a few other things for now, thankyouverymuch.


Hi fiber people,

My mom taught me to knit and crochet and sew. There was never any tension over which one was "best."

Speaking of crochet, click on the link here and scroll down to the last entry for December 2006:


Yarn is wonderful -- any way you choose to loop it.


I learned to crochet first too and the first time I started knitting I gave up. I found it too hard. I tried it a second time and got the hang of it. I love both - but I prefer the look of knitted items more than crochet items.

I was surprised when I entered the knitting community to find that crocheters were shunned. In Debbie Stoller's book, The Happy Hooker, she gives a run down on the history of crochet and that appears to be how crocheters got their bad reputation - and it also became the creation of the derogatory term "Hooker". Very interesting.

The belt is gorgeous. Very pretty colors and looks to be fun to wear.


Like many of you, I do both and feel that it's good to have both skills. As Candy Jensen says "Knitting Loves Crochet" - and vice versa. But I do have to agree that most yarn shops I've been to it seems that I've entered some Secret Sister Society that I'm not a member of and that I'm somehow interrupting their secret rituals or other. Remember how in Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts dressed as a hooker goes into an exclusive boutique on Rodeo Drive and the clerks won't wait on her - in fact they tell her "we don't have anything for you here". Then Richard Gere goes with her to shop at another boutique and comes out with new duds and tons of packages and she stops in on the snooty bwitches who wouldn't wait on her in the first place. I kinda feel like that when I visit some yarn shops. But in yarns defense - some quilt shops can be snooty too.


I knit, and I'm JEALOUS of crocheters. The only time I used to crochet was back in the post Sept-11th timeframe when you could bring a crochet hook on planes, but not knitting needles. I'd sit there, doodling with my crochet hook (read: trying to figure out how the hell to do it) and get pitiful looks from the flight attendants who, I'm pretty sure, thought I was about six years old. Because that's what my crocheting looks like.

So I knit, but I'm jealous of crocheters (and people who quilt. And sew. And basically do anything else that looks really, really neat).


Well I learned to knit at 5 and crochet shortly after.
I always crocheted when the kids were little(easier to pick up and put down and no dropping stitches)
Now I mostly knit because it is easier but then I choose patterns beyond my scope and muddle through which means not so much with theeasy. What can I say I am perverse I suppose.
I also by the way know how to tat
I also have done neddlepoint and cross stitch.
I guess I just like to keep busy.


crochet is awesome! pppbbhbhbt on those who are crafta hatas

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