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December 27, 2006



IMHO, Koigu makes ANY place on earth the happiest place on earth! Good luck, and I hope all goes well!


You're that close to Anaheim? I'll be there in May!!


You can't get rid of the shiny head just by burning it in, let me tell you. You'll have a lovely gray circle. You have to use the cloning tool, and make a new layer, and then when you're finished you'll still have to smooth it out.

It's not worth it. Be shiny, for one day of your life and don't worry about it. And make a stripey scarf! That would be cool. :)


Uhmm...tell HWWW that a fine face powder will do the treat and it's a lot easier too. Since you're too busy creating and knittin, why disrupt your flow. Besides aunaturel is good sometimes.

BTW, the lilac or orchid(?)color on you looks great!

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