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December 27, 2006



Don't you just HATE when that happens?!! I would probably go back to the LYS and get another skein but not be happy about it!

Koigu, a little drawstring pouch or just tucked in your backpack sounds perfect!

Most of all - have fun with the ones you love!


OK..it will take two hanks.

But love your intake on travel knitting and wearing your knitting whilst traveling. I am so with you and understand the dilemma.

And the shine? Who cares. It is nice to see that no matter who we are we all have shine.


If you wear a backpack, you can run your working yarn through the very end of the zipper space and carry along a sock or hat to knit on here and there. Also pants wih large cargo pockets can easily accommodate a ball of sock yarn. Some of the lines are insanely long, and you may find yourself sitting on a bench while the mate takes the child on a ride or two. The autopia takes a reeeeeeally long time.


Amen! Tell Mickey I said hi!


Thanks for the linen 2yarn skein notice! A sock yarn bag & needles are very light & will go anywhere. I hook mine on my belt and knit while standing in a line. Sure makes the wait go faster. BTW, wear a light jacket that you can tie around your waist if it gets hot. A hat is good for cool or sunny weather & a must have along with sunglasses. And just make sure you have comfortable shoes on & you'll be all set. p.s. have HWWW carry the Backpack, LOL.


Had to chuckle at the idea of wearing a hat, gloves and scarf for 58 degrees. It's a sunny 56 here on the east coast and we're all excited at the prospect of spring jackets!

I'm a relatively new knitter so $18 a skein is enough to make me swoon! That said, I think you need to get the second skein so you get the scarf you wanted.

Have fun with the Koigu at TGPOE!!


Okay, I'm telling ya; it'll take 2 hanks. I'd definitely go back and get another of the same color and I'd probably be swearing at the person who told me it'd only take one the whole way there and back!


You know what's funny? All I saw in this post was that you hurt your hip. I hope it's okay. And damn, who will accept your mail tomorrow!? I hope they don't just leave big packages at your door? I'm going to be all stressed out now......


Because I don't live near a LYS (or any other type of yarn shop). I read about your yarns and hunt for them the few times a year I get to a real deal (instead of my usual ordering of yarn online). I'll remember chunky linen = 2 hanks.

Have fun at the Happiest Place on Earth (socks are the perfect take-a-long project. I usually have one in my purse in a baggie).


Tomorrow we are headed to the other happiest place (at least for our family) - Colorado for some skiing. I have been in a tizzy all week trying to decide what knitting to take....and will this be the one time that TSA doesn't let me through with knitting needles.


I second Lara's thought: it is nice to see that no matter who we are, we all have shine!

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! LOL


have fun at Disneyland! rest assured, Koigu yumminess calms a LOT of uncomftynesses. it's my favorite therapy yarn.


I have trouble doing anything with just one skein. All of the "one skein" patterns I've found seem to benefit from 20 or 30 yards from a second skein. Which brings me to my current problem--a friend gave me a box full of handpainted, variegated skeins (15). None of the colors blend well, and there is only 104 yards in each skein. Now what do I do with them? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


You can make felted bowls and boxes out of them...(small ones)....

And guess what? I can't find my little sock purse!!! Ugh!

Scout, no worries about the package. We'll be home by the time they make delivery. The UPS and post office usually aren't here until well after 5:00 p.m. Plus, we are in a gated area.


I agree with the other suggestions on sock knitting at the D-land, with a caveat: take extra needles. Well, if you happen to like small bamboo double-points for socks, at least. I've snapped 'em and dropped them in places I will not touch. Also, freezer gallon bags seem to keep the inner purse gunk off of my knippers.

I've also been known to knit scarves at soccer matches while wearing the finished bits. Its easy and practical. Scarf knitting on the go is probably the best choice for knitting at the happiest freakin' place . . . make sure you get some adult time for a G&T.


Uh, that sucks. I hate running out of yarn. I went through my milldyed linen to see if maybe I had a hank I could send you (I bought one of Louet's linens grab bag, it's a pound of ends. Not a good buy reallybecause it's so random, but I thought maybe I might have more of the color by lucky happenstance. Nope, sorry. Just a weird mix of tobaccos and purples in the worsted mostly.)

Have a good time with the Koigu in the happiest place on earth™!

Miss Scarlett

Oh. I love the Happiest Place on Earth! What a shame you might not enjoy it. Take the Koigu and make something fabulous. Take your camera and capture GF loving the Happiest Place on Earth.
It will be worth it in the end!
Unlike the 1 hank scarf.


Yes a second hank will do. It will give you at least enough to wrap around. I never go for one hank especially if it's under 200 yds per hank. Koigu is nummy nummy :D Enjoy!


I knit Green Gable all over Disneyland. I just carried it in my little backpack purse and knit in lines... there were plenty of those.

BTW - I need to head back to the LYS too... so let me know if you decide to for the 2nd hank. Actually I was planning on exchanging for the linen... glad you're a step ahead of me. :)


Oh how I hate those yarn store lies -- one skein, my arse! I hope your hip feels better soon.


I say, buy another hank-- if you try to do it with stripes I think I would always regret not just buying another hank. Unfortunately.
Enjoy the Koigu action. I do think its the perfect travel knitting yarn (having knit Koigu mittens all over eastern Brazil once) I can't really picture getting comforatble enough in line at Disney to actually knit, especially with a kid along, but I've never had the concentration to be a good KIPer. Have fun!


two words: fanny pack. hehehe...



buy another hank wendy, you won't regret it. i used to think the same thing, 'i guess I could get away with knitting the other half in random like stripes'...wrong! Just didn't work for me. Or you can always rip and make a skinny scarf. Have fun at disneyland...we are so over due for that place...is it girlfriends frist time?


Happiest Place on Earth my arse. That place is a soul-sucking, savings-depleting den of thieves.

However, if you can get some knitting in on the side, it won't be all that bad.


Even here in steamy VA, I take my knitting in a backpack to Busch Gardens. There are plenty of lines at the HPOE... koigu should help.

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