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December 30, 2006



Another lurker coming out to express her condolences to girlfriend. She must have been so disappointed. That chocolate cake-carousel trick may work, though. My great-grandmother used to take my brother and I to Knott's all the time when we were little. We rode the carousel and little rides and ate at one of the restaurants. I didn't realize until I was much older that we never stepped a foot in the park.

As for Disneyland, my parents and I went on Christmas Eve, about 3:30-ish. It was busy, but we got in. The lines weren't too horrendous, even for my extremely impatient father. The park closes early, but it might not be a bad ritual to start next year.


I just got back from spending Dec 29 - Jan 2 at Disneyworld. We couldn't get into the Magic Kingdom at noon on New Year's Eve because it got too full and they had to close it. Yikes! I've had people overload and need to be a hermit for a couple of days to recover. But I did get 10 hours of car knitting each way, so I shouldn't complain too much. 1 hat, 1 pair of socks, and 1/2 of a sleeve isn't bad!


I did a College Internship at WDW and I can tell you when not to go (at least down there). Any time the kids are out of school is bad. The three day holiday for Presidents Day is terrible, Easter is Bad and the Superbowl Means it will be empty is a myth. Right before Presidents Day and after the New Year is great. After PD and before Easter is good too.

And when we went to DL last fall, when it was raining it was great. But when the sun came out the next day it was bad. Most of the folks who visit are locals who can say "Screw it" if its raining, unlike WDW where it rains all the time and people drove 20 hours and they are going to have a good time dangit!


so, i am interested in the bowl! can you give me a hint as to where i can find that pattern? i am new to this whole site, so please excuse my learning curve!


I was just wondering how many stitches you cast-on for you fingerless mittens.

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