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December 30, 2006



I live in Orlando and go to Disney World often. Based on experience, the week of Christmas is the busiest time of year. The best time to go to Disney is in January.


My X many years ago was Goofy in Mickey's Magic Show for a year at Disneyland. Xmas is the BUSIEST time all year. I lived only 5 minutes away in Anaheim. I LOVED Disneyland, but learned when NOT to go. Altho, I forgot when many years later we went to DisneyWorld at Christmas time. NEVER again! Go on a Tuesday & before school gets out ... in May is good. But check ahead to be sure that the High Schools aren't using it for they're Grad Night Celebrations or something. Only the schools or special group go then. It can be a delightful time if you look at everything with a "child's eye".


Superbowl Weekend is not a good time to go to Disneyland! I tried a few years ago. It was mobbed with everyone who wanted to avoid watching the Superbowl.

Consider going if your daughter has a weekday off from school at an odd time - teacher conferences or something.
Consider buying season passes. It only takes a few visits to recover the cost and you can make shorter visits rather than an exhausting one-day marathon. (It's been a few years but Downtown Disney had 2 or 3 hours parking for free that I used to use rather than the Dland parking garage)


We are going to take the kids after the New Year (after everyone else is back in school), hopefully it won't be as crowded.


Major props to HWWV for braving Chuck E-Cheese! My head is ringing for a week after an hour in that place. ;)


Love the bowl and fingerless mittens! What type of Koigu did you use?


thanks for the wrist warmer pattern! merry xmas to us! also, thanks for giving me the idea of what to do with this single ball of debbie bliss SoHo i got when i first started knitting and simply fell in love (little did i know then, not much to do with a small ball of yarn...except make a small bowl to sit and look pretty!).

happy new year from a lurker. LOL


The Koigu was KPPPM (I can't find the label for the color number...I'll have to look.)


Just wanted to say Happy New Year Wendy to you and your family! Hope you and your loved ones have a healthy and bright 2007! Thank you for all of your great patterns (including the freebies)and knitting insight!


I know from experience that Superbowl weekend is just the worst time to go to Disneyland -- it's horribly crowded. However, if you can manage to go sometime during the week in January [after kids back in school] and February [not President's Day], the park will be practically spacious and you'll have a great time! Unless you hate Disneyland. I can't help you there!


Hi Wendy, how sad for Girlfriend, and what a bummer for you too. Living in Australia I have yet to experience the "joys" of Disneyland. There have been rumours that one is to be built downunder, but I think the people telling me this drink "happy juice".
Happy knitting.

Dorothy B

Cute bowl and great fingerless mitts. Too bad about Disneyland. maybe next year, although I think that there will be many people who don't like the Superbowl there at that time.

Happy New Year to you, HWWV and Girlfriend.


I'm so sorry Disney was a bust. I hope Girlfriend forgives you. I'm sure it was so disappointing.

The mittens look great just like the bowls do!!!


Thanks for the pattern, I am going to make those for sure. I love the bowl, too.


I grew up just over the hill from you, in Simi Valley. We always drove to Disneyland and it made the day loooong! This summer my husband and I took our daughters to Disneyland and stayed in a hotel-- it's the way to go. Even when you live relatively nearby, it makes the day so much easier.

We went on a weekday in July and the lines were short-- this was the week the much hyped revamped Pirates of the Caribbean ride reopened. I think weekdays are the way to go!


We went to D-land on New Years Eve day once, and it wasn't bad at all... but that was about seventeen years ago.

When I was a kid, our family would buzz up there from San Diego really early in the morning and spend all day and then my dad would drive home (pre-traffic days). It was the only time in our young lives that our feet would be so tired they'd hurt. We called it "Disneyland tired." Mom would sneak snack food in her purse so we wouldn't have to pay exhorbitant prices, except for maybe one hamburger.

Ah, the old days.


Newbie lurker and admirer of your blog.

There are lies and then there LIES and well, the Disneyland lie(s) were just lies, which means that they won't hold you back from getting a seat in heaven, nirvana, or whatever it is you may call eternity.

Things here in NYC were equally crowded. We did, however, go to the Central Park Zoo, the Big Apple Circus, the Children's Museum of the Arts, the Children's Museum of Manhattan, and the Museum of Natural History. Did I mention that I am exhausted from all the "culta"?


I did Disneyland last Super Bowl Sunday. It was a zoo. Everyone must have thought it would be empty. It was not!!!


Love the bowl where can I get the pattern?


Hey Wendy, long time lurker here but I just have to say that I was at Disneyland on the Wednesday and Thursday after Christmas and let me just tell you, you may want to count it as a blessing that you didn't end up going... It was a total crazy zoo. There were sooooooo many people there, not an inch of personal space anywhere and the line just for popcorn was a half hour!!! I was so thankful when we left to go home, hope that makes you feel better in some small way.


What a bummer about D'land!!! I know a Jewish guy whose family always went on Christmas, and he said it was REALLY empty then; they loved it!

Check out AAA for their deals, etc. When we've gone, Hubby's always scored us the multi-day passes w/one day of early admission (SO worth it not to have to deal w/the crowds!!), priority seating for different things, etc. Since GF is in preschool still, your best bet may be going in the middle of the week when everyone else is in school.

If you can afford it, the Grand Californian is SO wonderful and worth the extra $$$ to be so close when GF is hot, tired & worn out, etc. If you have a multi-day parkhopper pass, you can take time out to go back to the room for a nap when needed.

Love the wristwarmers! I've been wanting to make a pair for our fave babysitter, and I now I REALLY want to...


Wendy...love the bowl and wristwarmers! Where did you get the pattern for the bowl? My son wants one for his apt. to throw his keys, etc. in.
Too bad for girlfriend, but you got plenty of time for Disneyland plus, a year or two, her experience will be more memorable for her.

Vicki in So. Cal.

My grown daughter and I have had yearly passes to Disneyland for the last 15 years and make the 2 hour drive once a month for our mother-daughter day. Hopefully these tips will help for your next trip. Week days are better than weekends except that they close earlier in the winter. Weekends in the summer or holidays are worst. Anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas are traditionally good but from Christmas through New Years is horrible. If you don't go very often and want to ride lots of rides, stay for a couple of days at least. This is also nice because you can go back to your room for an afternoon break. The Disney hotels are expensive but there are lots of other places close by. One of my favorite non-Disney places is the Candy Cane Motel on Harbor Blvd. My favorite Disney hotel is the Grand Californian, It's beautiful but pricy, the best deal is the Paradise Pier. The original Disneyland Hotel is old and noisy no matter how they remodel it but has lots of historic value for real Disney fans. Check the Disneyland website when planning your trip. It has lots of good info including park hours and which rides might be down at the time for maintenence. I disagree with the person who didn't like the food. There are some really good places to eat from fast food to cafeteria type to very nice sit down restaurants. I like the Blue Bayou (you need a reservation), the Carnation Cafe on Main St., and the Storyteller in the Grand Californian. For less expensive try the Taste Pilot or the Award Wiener in California Adventures or the hamburger (and more) places in Bear Country and Tomorrowland. There are also a couple of other good places in New Orleans Square and a Mexican place in Frontierland. The only thing I ever had that sucked was a grilled veggie sandwich in Tomorrowland. It was soggy. Every place posts it's menu and prices outside which helps. Good luck next time. Disneyland can be a lot of fun for adults as long as you have a 'ready for fun, take it as it comes' attitude. But isn't that true for most everything?


so this may sound like a dumb question (or read like one) but are there certain ways to cast back on the 8 sts? or better yet, how do you do it? i've never bound off and then cast on in the middle of anything i've made. i've done hats and scarves. oh and sleeves!


My husband and I have passes to Disneyland. We love having them because we have a hard time deciding what to do on his days off (Sunday and Monday, and we go to Disneyland on Mondays). The kids are all grown and gone. We just kick around...so fun. But I have to admit the best time we had there was taking the three grandchildren ( 4yrs, 2 yrs and an infant) in early December. They were real troopers, and never put up any fuss at all--no joke! Try on a Monday or Tuesday later this month, after you are pretty sure most kids have returned to their classrooms!

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