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December 26, 2006



Linen stitch & wine don't mix. Trust me, I've tried it. Rrrrip.


After losing a week of work due to the freaking foot of snow on my dye table, I totally feel you.

Your pretty bag goes out tomorrow. Have fun in Disney!


gorgeous yarn. I never featured you for the antler decor type....yet it's just so perfect.


I hear ya on the deadlines, sister. Just wish mine were knitting-related. Several friends of mine have recently commented on the fabulous times they've had at Disneyland and Disneyworld, respectively. They apparently are the (two) happiest places on earth - a direct quote (both from my friends and from the old ad campaign). So, have fun at your externally imposed procrastination destination.

Wendy DG

The linen scarf looks great. I really love the look and feel of linen once it is knit and washed. It just gets better and better. It's a little rougher on my hands than other fibers, though.


YMMV, but I'm finishing up a sweater of Euroflax linen/merino blend. NEVER AGAIN, I don't think. $18 a skein for crappy yarn... that's overspun and splitty all at once... it's exactly what you said about brand name yarn that's not worth its cachet. When you made that post, I thought of this sweater. If I weren't already done with it, I'd frog and never knit with that yarn again.

And re the MIL, I came in thinking I had it bad with an almost-MIL who walks in on me when I'm changing (we're talking not even a shred of underwear on, I was in the process of getting it out of the bad) without thinking it necessary to knock on the closed door, and who throws my bright pink sweater unasked into her laundry load of lights, and then lectures me about the color running into her towels (I'd have told her it runs if not washed cold!), and all that good stuff. But then I think, the woman bought me yarn for Christmas. Really nice yarn. I think I have NOTHING to complain about when it comes to you.

Onwards and upwards to a better '07!

(I think for their Christmas present next year, you should send them a framed photo of Girlfriend.)


I have been thinking about giving the Louet a try. It seems to have a cult following, but I have managed to stay away from it. Every time I walk into Black Sheep Knittery in Hollywood, they have a huge selection of Louet, then a recent knitting book featured tons of patterns made with the stuff. There must be something to it. I am making a point of picking up some Louet this week. I am off work, kids are occupied with visiting cousins (on ex-husband's side, so I have no entertaining responsibilities...yay!) and I am in need of a yarn fix. Thanks for the inspiration.

I'm going to chime in on the In Law issue. It is a drag. I have similar problems. We aren't even on speaking terms with in laws right now (his parents) and, as much as I hate the situation, the holidays were much more pleasant this year without all that drama. Sometimes, enough is really enough and it is okay to get to that point. Just be assured that there are tons of stories like this and you are definitely not alone. Have fun at D-land...just bring your knitting or you will go nuts.
If you go to California Adventure, they have a pseudo-winery and you can pretend you are in Napa. You can sit and drink some wine while you knit.


Versace's dead? Have fun at Disney. Can you knit in the ride lines? I hear they're...time-consuming. Happy New Year!


Try $21/skein at my closest LYS that carries Louet! That's outrageous, isn't it? Last week I needed some of a certain color to use with other linen so had to buy one skein.

Never thought about a scarf, but I do want to knit with it and will have time to find it online or a little further from me locally (same metro area as you, Wendy). Are you knitting anything else with it?

Love your work!


hi wendy -- is the tnna show open to the public? i live in san diego (if you need restaurant/playground/lys recommendations, let me know!) and would love to go, but the tnna website suggests it's only open to the trade.


A scarf made out of euroflax linen...I guess thats what living out west is all about. Have you ever tried Katia's Linen that came out this season? It has alittle bit of cotton in it. Still firm but much softer, still very durable.


The skein cost me 18 bucks. I figure that's okay for a scarf. I think it is too heavy and pricey for a garment, though.

I'm going to TNNA as an author/designer. My publisher is getting me a badge...


I'm so deprived that I haven't even touched linen yarn - waaa, waaa!! I'm definitely needing to hop over the hill to the south for some shopping. You SoCal girls have all the best in your backyards!!

Last time I visited Mickey was about 20 years ago and Michael Jackson's exhibit was the hot thing!! My faves are still Pirates of the Caribbean and It's a Small World!! Any other "old timer's" out there who used to love G.E.'s Carosel of Progress? Oy, I'm getting so old...

I hope you can forget the knitting long enough to enjoy the time away with family and not stress about deadlines. Then knit like a madwoman when you get home!!


You could change the moniker to HWWWV - He Who Would Wear Versace!

I love the linen, too, but find it a budget breaker for the most part. A one skein scarf, now.... :0)


Or HWWV, He Who Wailson Verybadfurniture


I almost passed spaghetti through my nose reading this. Have a blast at Disney!


:) POC has changed just enough to make it worth a second ride. The Haunted Mansion, however, SUCKS. And don't even get me started on California Adventure. Sigh.

I hope the GirlFriend appreciates the time you're putting into this. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Okay, well, just have a great time and I hope its not too crowded for ya.


To beat a now-dead horse, my second favorite thing about divorcing my first husband was divorcing my mother-in-law. I still get quite giddy realizing I never have to see/hear/smell her again.

The second best thing about marrying my current husband was his relatively nice family. And to the extent they aren't nice, they are a very nice distance - 2000 miles - away and hate to travel. Perfection.


If it's any consolation I've got 16 designs due 1/5/07 and I am PROCRASTINATING!
just so you know you're not alone.
ButI haven't broken any antlers lately.


I knew I finally had my husband hooked on knitting blogs when I caught him Googling HHWV trying to figure out what it stands for. (giggle)


Wendy, from my experience the past two summers, here are my tips for taking GF to D'land: California Adventure has the stuff from the more recent movies. At Disneyland proper, you'll be most likely to spend your time in Fantasyland b/c of the whole princess thing. Do the Peter Pan ride FIRST. The line gets insane.

Have a blast! Make sure you walk through the California Grand Hotel (attached to California Adventure). It's GORGEOUS, and it's probably decorated beautifully for Christmas.


Thank you so so so much for defining HWWV. I've been reading for a few months now and have always wondered about that. Thank you. Thank you.

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