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November 21, 2006


Darci McGrath

I love Drive Thru...now if just works that way for me...doubtful


Cant wait - cant wait -whens sahara coming out btw? Thanks


Sahara is in the editing phase with Stitch Diva, so at this point, it is out of my hands. I will be sure to let everyone know when it is ready!

Linda DH

You know what it is about Drive Thru? That when the pattern is "out there" and someone at the LYS says "I wonder why she named it "Drive Thru" we'll feel like we're in on something special....because we are!


I liked Quicko Cheapo the best too but voted for Girlfriend's Response because it was so dang cute and it reminded me of a "child" and the sweater is for a "child". BUT, Drive Thru it is! I am WAY ready for Sahara - yarn is itching to be cast on. But my four year old is waiting for Drive Thru in predominantly pink. So I guess that one will be first.


I liked quick-o cheap-0 best, but what do I know?


Ditto about the name Wendy.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Sherri Barrett

I liked your original 'quick-o cheap-o' too ...


Actually, they were all amusing in their own right, but Done Dirt Cheap struck a chord (no pun intended!)---instead of dirty deeds done dirt cheap, it would be quicko-cheapo done dirt cheap. (I can hear AC/DC crooning it now. . .)


i voted for quicko-cheapo. i think you never should have doubted yourself on this one. you have a talent for creative and catchy names for all your projects.

just my 2 cents.

Deborah Eichel

Re-count!!!!! The obvious best choice was "I'll try it on for candy." My, oh, my, how you all missed it by a mile! Sigh. . . .


Whatever the name, a great design!


Guests huh? Oh boy.


Ooh, I voted for Drive-Thru!


Damn. I knew I should've voted for "Candy" a few more times...oh well.


Wendy, just go with Quicko-Cheapo... it's perfect! x

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