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November 14, 2006



THAT is friggin GORGEOUS. Oh heavens, woman. I am trying to get through nursing school, can you PUHLEEEZE quit giving me so many wishtoknits?


I loved this pattern when I first saw it, and now that I know it's yours, I love it even more. Absolutely fabulous!


Just saw your comment about the neckline being adjustable, so now I have Sahara on my "wish to knit" list too! I can't think of any occasion where I could get away with that low of a neckline, with my unglamorous lifestyle and little kids! Thanks for going that extra mile in devising variations in your beautiful patterns!


.... I used to have hip bones.

Jen the Knittingspaz

Love the sahara pattern! She looks a bit hungry, yes, but it's the eyes that scared me honestly. now if only Tilly Thomas wasn't such a splurge for me...


oh, and i meant to ask you before getting distracted by the hungry eyes...hehee, hungry eyes...dirty dancing...patrick swayze...*drool* oh shoot, wait. what? oh yeah.
would you happen to have the yarn requirements for your pattern already? i mean, maybe i missed it somewhere or i'm supposed to wait until it comes out...maybe? idk. i just know i have three skeins of tilli tomas pure and simple and i'm wondering if that's enough... well, actually, i have two skeins of one color and one of another and i'm wondering if two is enough for the main part of the pattern so i can get away with having the third for contrast on the neckline.


off-hand, I think a size extra small uses three balls for the body. You might get away with doing the sleeveless version with two and then the neckline with the other one, but that would be cutting it close. I think that the neckline alone would take one ball of the contrast color...I did mention in the comments that the final yardage requirements were being worked on as I type this!


Hungry look? Um, yeah...she certainly does have that hungry look...probably because she needs to freakin' eat something! Oy vey! I mean...I have nothing against being thin, but this is a bit over the top.
My disgust is in no way reflective of how I feel about the Sahara pattern - it is drop dead gorgeous in your usual style - I just don't like the models that the Stitch Diva Studio tends use. Not that I don't like the models personally...just the body image they tend to encourage seems unhealthy and unrealistic...but I digress with my tirade into the insanity of female body image in America.
Your pattern is lovely.


We are all anxiously awaiting this pattern release in our knitting group. We had quite a discussion last week about what looks to be several knit two togethers arranged vertically over the breasts - are they really there, and if so are they visible/noticeable in the actual piece or is it the lighting of the photos?


There aren't any k2tog's! The center section is actually tacked together so you can adjust it. The neck edging is a jewel-like stitch pattern.


Oh goody - adjustable neckline = wearable for Lizbon. Happy happy joy joy. Now I don't have to go bra-shopping (I hate bra-shopping).


WOW, I am so behind on blog reading. W, this is an amazing design! Congratulations...!!


Holy *&$^! Is this one of your designs? It's GORE-GEOUS! I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for the details!


i *love* your fair isles! very pretty!


My jaw dropped when I saw that photo of Sahara. . .that is *just* my style. Will definitely be knitting that in the near future! Congrats!


The Quick-o-cheap-o is adorable, fake fair isle and all!
And that Saharah - well, I don't know if it's the photo and the promise of a thinner, younger, better self, but must have, must have. . .


Didn't the kids in the "Children of the Corn" movie have eyes like hers? Whew, scary! Good thing she is wearing such a fantastic-looking sweater!


Gorgeous design. I may have to add that to my list.

Sara W.

How weird! I saw the ad for Sahara in IK, and immediately dogeared the page, having no idea that you, my favorite designer, were the one who designed it! I knew there was a reason I instantly loved that sweater. I can't wait to knit it... and wear it!

Account Deleted

I would wear this sweater every day. It's beautiful & *sexy*.


Sahara really is beautiful! But what's wrong with that model? Her eyes are boring into me and I hear a faint voice in my head saying that it wants to eat my brain.


Awesome pattern! Can't wait to get it.

Miss Scarlett

I love that top so much!
Now, to shed the tremendous weight preventing me from wearing that with aplomb.
Seriously your patterns are such perfection Wendy.
Also - something freaky is going on with that chick's eyes. Hungry, not so much. Possessed? Yes.


Absolutely gorgeous! Keep it up!

Andrea Instone

Beautyful, but what a shame: When available I can't buy it not having a credit card ...

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