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November 14, 2006



Yes, she looks hungry, if hungry is jutting hip bones. It's a beautiful sweater, anyway.


the pattern looks fantastic... but I gotta say : Damn woman! she looks hungry caus her eyes looks like she is the alien queen out to devour us all. Didn't you see the metalic glint?


love, love, love the saharah....can't wait for the pattern to come out!

Heather R

I should have known that was your pattern-it really has that feminine figure-flattering style that you are so good at creating. I almost started drooling when I saw it in the advertisement!


Now you did it.. Now I HAVE to go to Victoria's Secret for a proper bra!!!! Thanks! hehehe


Love Sahara!! Any idea what the yarn requirements would be for the long-sleeve? There's a sale on Cash Iroha at my LYS. I'd like to get enough before it's all gone!


that sweater rocks!, I have the breasts forit & the muffin top, boy am I lucky!


I think she has the "I was just assimilated by the Borg" look, although since you CAN see her hip bones, she probably is pretty hungry.
That is a lovely sweater, and I love your Quick-os.


I second those who mentioned the bizzare glint in her eyes. Spooky!


Very glittery and pretty -- the design (and the model as well). Tilly Thomas yarn?


Absolutely gorgeous.....but how is it going to go with my 36DD boobs? Can I make the neckline less low?

Good thing I just went and bought uplifting bras....


Sahara is beautiful! I just adore this pattern. When I saw a preview from StitchDiva, I knew I had to have it. Then I saw it was designed by you and I was so excited. I always love your patterns, they are so stylish. I had the yarn to make SKB, but I think Sahara will look better and the addition of the beads is genius!


Sahara = gorgeous.

And those Quick-o sweaters are nothing to sneeze at! VERY cute colors.


WOW! Stunning. I HAVE to have it! What is the difficulty level? I will save it if its too complicated! But I want it. I may have to wear an innie thing underneath but I LOVE IT!

I am SO getting your book!


Gorgeous sweater!

The model looks hungry indeed. With those light eyes, she seems to be saying, "Brains. Want eat braaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiins."


I plan on dropping everything to cast this on - keep us posted.


Um... yes, please! Want. That. Sweater. I will dance around (im)patiently until it is available.



As everyone else has said, Sahara is gorgeous!

The beauty is that it WILL look good on pretty much any body type due to the simplicity and clean lines.

I have some copper colored silk coming from Tess's Designer yarns, and while I had a pattern in mind...I am rethinking that.

If course I have to figure out what to wear underneath...this D cleavage won't be exposed that much for fear of blinding the neighborhood!


Gals, just so you know, the neckline is completely adjustable. You add the neckline and then tack it together up to the point you want...It is probably intermediate and yarn requirements are being figured out now.


Your blog has inspired me to really get back into knitting. I'm only doing scarves right now, but your picutres have made me realize how much more is out there and that I can do! The sweaters are adorable and with a new niece or nephew on the way in April.. I will be waiting for the pattern to get one for the new baby! Thanks for everything!


Wow! Sahara is stunning! Wendy you never disappoint!


Your fair isles are great! Oooo Sahara looks like my kinda thang! That model's eyes are kinda creepy/cool.


if you mean hungry, as in flesh-eating zombie from dawn of the dead hungry, then yah...i think it's the eyes.
or hungry as in, i haven't eaten anything all day but i did it so i could look smashing in this photo shoot hungry? i do that too; i don't eat anything before taking professional pictures or if i know i'm going to be recorded on tape - the whole "the camera adds five pounds" thing.
but how the heck do you fake fair isle?


The low-cut-yet-adjustable neckline is just so very "From the Design House of Wendy". Why aren't you modelling it??

Love the photo of the Quick-o jerseys cuddling.


Must have Sahara for next summer . . .must have it!!! Beautiful!!

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