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November 13, 2006


Sarah the Domestic Overlord

Good God, are you productive? Can I have some of the magic coffee you must be drinking? This weekend I knit two dishcloths and made mashed potatoes, you are making me look BAD.

Can't wait to see the purse and scarf, I'm going to go check the galleries...


Sarah, the galleries aren't updated yet! I'm not THAT productive!


...okay. I felt guilty so I put one of my completed items in the Winners Gallery.


Now that you did update the gallery you have no excuse! You *are* productive :)

Ew. talk of creepy eyes... eyes scare me


is that yarn soft? I saw the preview of your new design on Stitch DIVA, wow I almost want to frog my SKB!! MAN!! I bet it takes more yarn though. SO PRETTY!! Looks like it would have to be worn with some slick pants or a skirt to avoid a bump int he front from buttons etc because that yarn is so drapey I wonder how much would show, like with jeans. I guess it depends on the jeans.


LOL - the story of my life. How's the Mac head scarf? I've been trying to decide between that and one of the headbands for a while.


Holy crap!

I "spring" cleaned the living room, went to a wedding, two hockey games and finished a hat and thought I was productive!

I need a helper though for Turkey day....starting to get stressed for the 30 people coming to dinner and just want to sit and knit.

Is there some place special on Stitch Diva that I find you. I have even done a search on the site and still - nothing?




my favorite rocky was the one where he's fighting the russian guy. might've been the third one...i heard he and the guy who played his opponent went on some sort of bodybuilder's diet, resulting in the extra chiseled look. he was probably in the best shape of his life for that movie, but i wouldn't know for sure. the only reason i know any of that was because the bf told me.
perhaps you got psyched up by the rocky soundtrack? eye of the tiger always does it for me...that and the instrumental track. i think it's called "war." hehe.


Wow, Wendy! If that's what you call losing your touch, I'd like to see what happens when you've got it going on! I didnt' get much knitting done, but I made 3 pairs of earrings, 1 bracelet and most of another yesterday. I can live with that.

The shaping on Sahara is beautiful, especially on the not-so-lumpy model. Gorgeous!


Yeah, love the music. I used to do the Robot to that stuff...

gina L

You got a lot done this weekend! Stockinette does get boring especially while watching any sequel.
We don't want you to get burned out on knitting, it's good to do other things. I love that red!


I second (or third) the comments on how much production your definition of unproductive includes.

I was proud of myself for actually making it out of the house on Sunday to go watch a movie and
drink wine with a friend. Oh, and I knit a few inches of a sleeve last night. Big whoop.

Saturday I was so lazy I couldn't even be bothered to turn on the DVD that was already in the DVD player. Seriously.


Yes, for most of the Rocky movies he's getting the sh*t kicked out of him. Have you noticed that the first part of most James Bond movies are the same? He's really taking a beating, but all of a sudden turns it all around.
So, about knitting, I've gotten the sh*t kicked out of me by a ball of yarn and a circ more than once, but like Rocky, I just keep coming back!


Wowzie, I must be super lazy, I didn't get half as much done, not even 1/4th! Eeek.


I know what you mean - only it comes to doing homework rather knitting. Some days, cleaning the toilet sounds like a much more intriguing activity than hitting the books. I think it has to do with the feeling of HAVING to do Activity X. When you have to do something, other things always seem more interesting.

Elizabeth M.

I'm tired just reading about it!


Wow! Although you feel you didn't get very far on Quick-o this weekend, it sounds like you made up for it with other things. Most of the time, I lay on the floor dreaming of completing a project. I started a shrug on size 11's 3 wks ago. I'm almost done w/ the second sleeve and a whole body to complete. Pray for me.


Yesterday morning, I sewed together the J-man's cardigan while watching one of those "specials" (VH1?) on Sean/Puffy/P-Diddy. Very educational.

If you're taking a vote on what movie one would watch for a knit-o-rama, I'm touch-screening for that Reese Witherspoon movie (Legally Blonde?) or Mean Girls. Gotta go for the easy storyline . . .

Oh, Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood. I swear, I'm not deeply superficial.

Dorothy B

I thought I was doing good finally folding the laundry and finishing a hat.


My front door is just a plain old door - if you want to come paint it, you are certainly welcome, because I've been thinking about it for at least a year!

Oh - and Sahara is beautiful!!


I guess you really don't want to knit it. I wonder why?


WOW! You got a lot done this weekend!! Now I'm dying to see the Rocky movies all together now. I get in my knitting funks too after doing too many of one thing or one really long project!! I'm sure this will pass!


Super woman! I need a coffee break after just reading this ;)


You already knit the first one. The new factor is gone. I totally get it. (But my kids are waiting, just so you know. NO pressure, no pressure, though.)

Just kidding! I haven't shown them the sweaters yet. :-)

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