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November 28, 2006



Oooh, I love Girlfriend's top. That colorway is fan-freaking-tastic.

That Noro Transitions lady sounds... skeery. Lace on jeans, :shudder: did she have big hair?


Very cute top for Girlfriend! Very!

I had a Senor Lopez in high school too. It was a bit tight and I remember coming home one night a wee bit after curfew and actually getting stuck in it when I tried to pull it over my head. Being claustrophobic, this panicked me a bit and I had to wake my otherwise unaware mother to help me get it off.

Hmmm... that may be a story for another time. It was just the first thing that came to my mind. :)


Nice sweater! Bad brother! ;)


Whoa! This blog is chock-full of great topics. Response #1: Have you considered yoga for balance? I don't, but its often suggested . . . Response #2: Lots of lace on jeans? Where's the photo? I'm thinking about it, and its so, so wrong . . . Response #3: Girlfriend's sweater is A#1. I absolutely love it. You're so on track with the stylish junior knitting.

As an aside, I'm halfway through the Somewhat Cowl. I was knitting it while MC was in physical therapy, when a beginning knitter inquired. I had to explain the pattern, as it looked like a turtle coat . . . but I do like your pattern! Thank you!


Uhh...Was Noro Transitions lady knitting the Noro for someone else? I'm pretty sure it transitions to wool at some point. Also, I do not understand how some people can be predjudiced against wool and yet embrace the rampaging eyeball invader that is angora. At least wool stays where it is put and doesn't launch a full-scale assault on your face.


I think you should win the award for "The World's Fastest Knitter". I don't know how you do it! Very cute sweater.


Oh man, I hear you on the Yarn Talk issues. I've been home a whole lot more these last few months with a new baby and I read way more blogs, buy more yarn and knit more than I did before because there's only so much you can do when an infant nurses!


hmmm...a senior Lopez? I've never heard that phrase before! Interesting. I knit (knitted?) my oldest daughter something similar when she was about that age, except hers had long sleeves. It's definitely a timeless design, and I like the short sleeves very much!


We seem to have similar Wool Issues here in Dallas . . . sooo many people are anti-wool, maninly due to the weather.

As for a "Senor Lopez" . . . I think we wore these in college, but didnt' call them that. I think we called them "Guatemalan Shirts", which, when drunk, could be mistaken for "Watermelon Certs" (ohhh, SUCH a long story).


I'm curious to know what you will do with the purple hand dyed alpaca in the picture... i have some of the same, some in purples and some in the pink, and not sure what to do with it yet.. i had some of the blue/brown and made a v-neck tunic with it, the yarn is awesome


Ooooh, cute sweater on GF!! Does she need a BF, I've got a super cute 5yo for her!!!


GF has the cutest wardrobe, ever. You are so cool, Wendy.

Dorothy B

Very cute!

The Steph

I'm with Lara on this one. HOW DO YOU KNIT SO FAST!???

Lace on Denim? Yeew. Ugh. So wack.


Denim 'N' Lace!
Oh my gourd that reminds me of a Marty Rhone song circa mid 70s ...wow, was THAT bad.

Back on topic..check the cuteness on Girlfriend! That Malabrigo is a bit of a winner.

Your blog is going to be an interesting journal of one aspect of GF's childhood when she grows up.


Really love Girlfriend's top! Pattern available, maybe, someday . . ?


Thats quite the cute little sweater, and It looks perfect for the weather. I froze my booty off at school today, wishing I had one of those scarves I've knit, but Nooooooo, I didn't think it would be so cold.


Denim + lace (or sequins) + bad.

I am also, however, touchy about wool next to my skin. I itch. Especially if it's something like angora or mohair... my eyes are itching just thinking about it. But I love the way wool feels, and I love to wear it, I just have to plan to wear something under.


Can't talk. Drooling too much over Malabrigo (what is the name of that color???) and the purple alpaca on the yellow umbrella (I love purple on yellow). Droooool...


It's called Pagoda! Only used 2 hanks plus a frieghtening 12 or so yards of a third...ugh.

gina L

Yeah you know you just can't get too serious! So serious that you can talk about yarn for any extended length of time? There are only so many adjectives you can use. However, you are talking my language with Malabrigo. I am SERIOUS, Girlfriends new little number is exactly what Chicky likes!


I love yarn talk! Can't get enough and only hang with people who share at least a portion of my enthusiasm. Really cute Senor Lopez! When's the pattern going to be available?


pretty funny post! hey! when's your book coming out?


Love girlfriends sweater! Are you going to make that pattern available? I just started quick-o cheapo for my daughter and I love it!


Love the Senor Lopez. Any chance of a pattern sized for Senoritas?

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