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November 23, 2006



The largest size would fit a small adult with a 32-ish bust at the most!

(No, Girlfriend doesn't model, except for our pics)


Excellent! I can't wait to go yarn shopping for this. Thanks Wendy!


Excellent. I've been awaiting this one for a while! My monkey is outgrowing her Swing Sweater and her brother hasn't gotten anything handknit this year. Perfect. I just ordered some galway to make him one.


Great Pattern Wendy! I just wove in the ends this morning! My 16 month old,Jack, loves it! I used Cascade 220. Thanks Wendy!


Wendy, for those adults who have a slightly-larger-than 32" bust, is the pattern easily extrapolated to go up another size or two? Say, an adult small?


You'd have to take measurements for yourself and run the numbers if you want to make it bigger...

I'd say sitting down with EZ's Knitting Around would be a good idea!

(And I figure there's so many round-yoke sweater patterns out there for adults, but not for kids; that's why I focused on it here)


Thanks, Wendy, for making this available. I just joined a Fair Isle Yahoo group and no one seems to do little sweaters! Do you think I could fool them into thinking it's Fair Isle???
I am going to be a 1st time Gramma in June. Do you think if I used sport wt or dk that it would work to make perhaps a 6-12 months size?
The pattern is now in my posession--and I'm tickled!


I love the new sweater. I may have missed this, but is it knit from the top or the bottom? Just curious - I'll be buying it either way. Last year I knit 2 swing coats for gifts - this year that probably won't happen. Maybe one Drive Thru ... and it's great that it can be a pullover or a cardigan.


Lisa, it is worked bottom up, in tubes, and connected at the underarm into one piece. The rest is worked in one piece. No seams!


I just downloaded the pattern, and asked the Boy for approval (i.e. 'Will you wear this?') and his comment was 'Sure, after the black ninja sweater with the hood that covers my face, but not my eyes, and hey! That girl looks like Princess Leia!' I said, yes, she's pretty cute, and he corrected me, 'No, she's beautiful.' He's right, of course. Six going on sixteen, I guess.

Conclusion, we're making the sweater but I think he'll be disappointed that Girlfriend doesn't come along with it.


just bought this cute cute sweater, have a quite a few balls of rowan all seasons cotton in the stash and i bought some additional colors for stripes so this will be some lucky boys xmas present!!! thanks



i've been knitting a little bit for a few years now, but am self-taught and have never done a sweater (i attempted a tank a couple years ago and 1/4 way through i realized it wasn't working...)

i have 4 precious 2-year-olds in my life and would love to make sweaters for them.

before i buy this pattern, do you think it's something a relative novice could handle?

i know i've got the supplies for it - i bought an estate sale needle stash and like to buy yarn that i don't always use...

please let me know. i'd love to give it a try if you think your pattern would be put to good use!

thanks :)



awesome pattern! i have been looking for the perfect cardi for my dd- this is it! thanks for sharing. i think i am going to use plymouth suri alpaca !


Thanks for the great pattern - it knitted up in one week - so quick I have two more planned for various little people I know. Really well written and easy to understand


Cool Patterns - I love the Flair. Do you also submit to magazines and books, or are you just on the internet? I recently started designing, and am trying to figure out my action plan for marketing my designs.


Does anyone know a turn around time from paying to receiving the pattern? Can you tell I'm excited (and impatient?) :oD

I'm actually doing this as a family project. My hubby's knitting one for my middle son (age 11), I'm knitting one for my daughter, and my daughter (age 7) is knitting one for her baby brother (age 2).

My 14 year old son (who also knits) is on his own for this one. :o)


have lost the pattern for the sweater I've almost completed for my boy. I'm only a year old in the knitting world, so I'm not incredibly confident about finishing. I just posted other Christmas sweater ideas I may have to explore if I can't figure out a solution to my current dilemma--left a link on my site for this lovely pattern. I don't have a lot of traffice, but wanted you to know I was giving a "shout out" to your lovely work.

Sue Crum

I'd love to try this pattern for myself. Any chance you could make pattern available for adult sizes? Thanks!


It is. It is called Fair Enough (it is a pullover on the side bar)

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