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November 27, 2006



LOL - I can't think of a better combo than beautiful yarn and good coffee!!


I think I'll be one of those gym people who pisses off the regulars in January, but I don't care! I'm making a go of it this year and, by golly, I'll stick to it. Is this in writing? Shoot.

Love the yarn, btw!


That's been my house since the snow started falling! Good coffee, good yarn (and a fire to keep me warm). You know, a six inch sub bun (minus the innards of course) might be a novel way to display yarn...


Gorgeous colour on the yarn! Nice pick. Looks fabulous in the...um...is that an espresso machine? Well it IS better than yarn and trees.
Of course, the yarn selection that SHOULD be in an espresso machine would be called, Los Cafe Loca or something, wouldn't it? *evil grin*


Holy crap, that is some beautiful yarn. Wish they made it in a DK weight. I can't knit a sock to save my life.

Sexy espresso machine, too. Your whole house sometimes looks like a Real Simple spread. That's a compliment, of course.

My place looks more like something from A Series of Unfortunate Events. Oh well. If there's a box of green tea and a yowling cat in it, I call it home.

Karen B.

French manicure. Ha!

I've interviwed Janet Reno before. Twice actually, and I gotta tell ya that is one tall, mannish woman. Whip smart. Dry as toast. But man, oh, mannish!


Well I suppose being a crazy yarn lady is better than being a crazy bag lady ;)


ha ha...gotta love espresso and yarn!


I think Janet Reno played a role in the "Borat" movie -- the scene at the Southern home (the Magnolia Society?) -- was that her, or her twin brother?

Unfortunately, my hormones seem to be a'slippin', and I'm looking more like The Grinch every day.


Oh, I have done the tree thing too. It was a Bonzai Tree. Did I even spell that right? And those "irregulars" at the gym drive me nuts - but they do go away.

But anyway, the yarn is beautiful. I just received my Mentionable kit from them today and I can not say enough about the yarn AND the amazing customer service. They were great and I will be back often.


I wish I could go to your gym - it sounds like the entertainment is much better than at mine!!


God, that's gorgeous yarn. And HEY. I posed yarn in trees. Right HERE:

I stand by my choice.

Also just bought the Galway for my son's Drive-Thru. Have a dastardly plan to take over your reader knits gallery. Perhaps I will pose him in an evergreen.


Ahhh, I was just over at One Planet One Fiber and tore myself away before I could put some of that stuff in my cart. Now you're tempting me to go back. Must resist!

I too thought my house cleaners looked at me as "that crazy knitting lady". Then one day I discovered that one of them is a knitter too. I keep giving her yarn. It's a great way to de-shash.


You could always compliment him on his manicure and ask where he had his nails done, and maybe he'd be a little embarrassed that someone noticed and TELL you why he has a French manicure.


Oh yea, and I'll admit it, I too have posed yarn in trees!


Wow.. is that the Breville 800 Class Espresso Machine... ohhh I want one with a hank of Lana Puras yarn in Sunset... thank you... totally loving the Quicko-Cheapo.. fantastic colors.


Yarn looks good in trees -- and under an espresso spout!

I too love your house and appreciate that you give us glimpses of it. I think I have that "I wish I lived in your house" envy thing going on.

As I look around my own place, I realize that a rubber raven perched on Mexican bull's horns might not be, uh, tasteful, but might look okay on my blog. . .

In all seriousness, I adore your writing, your pictures, your knits. Keep it up -- I love my (almost) daily dose of knit and tonic!

Rosi G.

Knitting while sipping a latte made with Spanish Espresso (aka Bustelo) is my favorite weekend thang!

Careful on the Atacama - I made a hat for my hubby with it and he loved it. (See blog for pic). He even bought a camo shirt to match the colorway. He raved on how soft it was....

Until he wore it for a few hours.

Then he bitched and moaned at the mall the whole time, yanked it off his head and plopped on some $2 worthless crap of a hat cuz his hair wasn't did and he couldn't just walk around hatless with his hair not did! MEN!


Espresso and yarn -- perfetto!


Ha - yarn and coffee pr0n!!! I share the "Yes, I bought another ball" embarrassment. Ick. Sneak it into the stash!!!

Dorothy B

I wish I had someone to come and clean around my yarn. Although I probably would have to leave yarn in the car too.

That stuff is gorgeous though and I like your posed yarn. Trees are done to heck. I got so desperate for yarn poses on anything other than my furniture that I once hung a scarf around a sunflower though.


Thanks for the yarn post. It looks yummy!! It is all sold out too! Must order more.... I need a house cleaner! I am almost afraid for them to come here though and see a house ruled by dogs and yarn.


I've been seeing Lanas Puras all over the internet. The colors are so gorgeous!


Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lay down until it goes away.

Lovely colorway on the Lanas Puras. I'm going to get the Sunset.


Your post sent me into a 15-minute shopping frenzy for the espresso maker. If there is something I love more than yarn, it is a nice cup of espresso. (Unfortunately I imbibe too often and end up a tautly-stretched thing by the end of the day.)

Being a regular at the gym is like living in a tourist town -- the season comes, they come en masse, and then they go. Sometimes a few stick around, and that is good, too. I actually tend to slack off in Jan/Feb but will try not to this year.

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