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October 29, 2006


Miss Scarlett

I was wondering if I could get away with bringing my dog with me if I claimed she was a Therapy dog.
Now I know that a jaunty hat won't do!
What is a therapy dog anyways?

Your pumpkin looks great - as does that Martini to the right - oh. Your hat looks good too!

I might just try that pattern out.

I wish you had a discreet cellphone camera so that we could see the dog in a stroller and something frilly. The poor thing.


An associate of mine, who will remain unnamed, got his dog certified as a "therapy dog" by faking insomnia. I should note that this dog is not house trained and has somehow managed to locate a skunk somewhere in downtown San Francisco and get sprayed by it. Not once, friends, but twice, in the last few months! Abuse of the therapy dog badge! Certainly. This dog can ride the bus. He can take the elevator. He can go places I can't go!


I was told that each certified therapy dog has its own ID. I work in a fabric store and we have many alleged therapy dogs get carried in on the arms of their owners. How the heck does one shop carrying a dog? Put it in the shopping cart, that's how. My favorite is the lady who couldn't leave dear Fluffy out in the car since it was too hot, cold, whatever, and she didn't have to prove anything to us since it was against the law for us to ask her for the dogs ID. One of my associates is allergic but our main office won't post anything negative--like no food, drinks, dogs. etc.

Makes you wonder.


This was the first year I saw the dog in stroller action. Both in NYC and in the Hamptons. You walk past the stroller and look in and expect to see a.....baby. I guess they think we're odd as well. Hmmm, what do those women think they're doing with those needles!? Love your hat!


Cute hat - definitely one for the winner gallery. I'm picturing the potential of my golden retriever as a therapy/guide dog. I would be promptly dragged into traffic and hit by a bus...


hehe - you always make me laugh, wendy!


I myself am a fan of the jaunty. The jaunty is best set off, however, by the funky. The funky helps to mitigate the jaunty so that one does not appear overly so.

Linda DH

Pumpkins and Cosmos...the only way to carve!


I ready an article in the NY Times a few months ago -- basically, it said that in NYC, they are required to allow therapy dogs anywhere & everywhere. It also said that many folks are abusing the rules by purchasing a fake therapy dog i.d. on the internet.

I wonder, can I bring my "therapy" chickens (three of them) shopping at Nordstrom? How about a therapy goat? What's next?


There's just no amount of jaunty that is gonna make me look good in a hat.... any hat :o(


You laugh about the chickens . . . my SIL took her PARROT on vacation (airplane & hotel) by using the "therapy" pet excuse!!! I don't know how, exactly, a parrot can be theraputic . . .


Here I am, all foreign and bewildered . . . what's a therapy dog?

(But also quite cross-culturally charmed - look, pumpkin carving!)


I have a friend who has a wonderful therapy dog, and her dog has a orange vest and an ID that states she's allowed anywhere that a seeing eye-dog is. I can't believe people would go to the length to fake that stuff or claim their dog is a "therapy dog" just so they could keep snookums near them. I had thought about getting a therapy certification for my dog, but as she got older, I realized that her temperament wasn't suited to visiting and meeting new people in the hospital, etc.

Are people going to be faking blindness next, claiming that their little toy poodle is a seeing eye dog?


I am fairly confident the world would be a better place if there were more jaunty hats. Love it.


Jaunty indeed! I love a jaunty hat, I just got one from Burberry....and yet I still do not froofify my dog. Mainly because I don't have a dog, but if I did, you could rest assured that he would be damned jaunty.


That's it, people can claim "Therapy" dogs, then by George, I can claim "Thearpy knitter/spinner" and should be allowed, if not encouraged to take my knitting OR my spinning wheel wherever I go!!!!! ESPECIALLY in the midst of long boring meetings whether they are impromptu or planned, I shall finish just this bobbin or this purled egde!!*stepping down from the podeum*;)


Okay... I can deal with the dog in the purse thing. I can't believe I'm admitting this but I even think it's kinda cute. But a dog in a stroller?! I think I would've had to say something. It just would've been one of those moments when my mouth opens and the words spill out. (My husband hates these moments... fortunately they're pretty rare.)


***Way up on my soapbox***
Dogs are not people!
Cats are not people!
Pets are not people!

No amount of cute accessorizing, LV carriers, etc. can change that.

Kathode Ray Tube

Did you ever read the article about the "service animal" pig that flew US Air from Philly to Seattle????

Check it out; http://archive.salon.com/business/col/hest/2000/11/03/pig/index.html

You couldn't make this stuff up.


My old dog doesn't like to go shopping I brought her into Petsmart once (she weighs 85 pounds there's no way I'd take her into any other store). She figured that she was at the vet (I can't remember why I took her in there in the first place, I think it was to buy dog food)

I love a jaunty hat, unfortunately hats...even the jaunty ones look dorky on me. Me thinks I shall carve pumpkins tonight with several margaritas.


I love your Pumpkin, he looks Happy. And the colors in the hat are VERY cool.


Love the hat, funny I've been making hats the last 2 weeks. I have a few more to make. I have to hurry cause I'll soon be in hat burnout. But mostly for good causes. I wouldn't want my dog eating with us. She's part of the reason we like to eat out!


jaunty hat power? wow. *mental note*
i shall have to knit myself a jaunty hat. yes, definitely. must utilize this jaunty hat power - sparingly and totally appropriately, of course.

i'm wondering if the jaunty hat power would've worked in your pool incident...

K. Anne

I'd love to know how many inches the bottom of your hat ended up being as compared the the original pattern. I like the way the fit of this one looks as opposed to the original. Needles are standing by... Lol.


the hat was changed accordingly: 68 sts cast on (this was heavier yarn), worked 1 inch of rib instead of 1.5, and worked until it was 4 inches before the increases, instead of the 4.5...

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