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October 26, 2006



you can't have him, john.


If you hadn't posted progress pics I wouldn't have believed that it was knitted skirt.


The shoes are divine.


love the look on girlfriends face. and omg, you look fabulously wonderful. the skirt, the socks, the shoes, the model...just perfect!

maybe you've shown it before and i've missed it but what is that gorgeous blue and green striped number hanging up over there?


the blue sweater is a sweater designed by Camelia Hamilton Tuttle? (I think that is her name) for Noro.


Awesome! I stay in clogs, I trip in heels...so much for grace.


Too cute! It's about the only knitted skirt I'd consider wearing if I could get away with something that short, nice work!


Beautiful, beautiful! You look great, it's nice to hear of a knitted skirt that works! :0)


Best. Photo. Ever. (the three of you)


Love the skirt - it looks great, definitely something i will add to my long list of things to knit. However, my only question is - where's Chuck? I can see The Bunny, you, Girlfriend, and HWWV, but no Chuck...


p.s. I loooove the shoes too...


I love this skirt, you look so fantastic!!

ps. Madonna?!?!


yeah. Madonna. The one and only (and had really dirty hair.)


That is awesome. I also love the tableaux of mother, child, knitting, needles, notes, yarn and HWWW taking the photo with the flash turned backwards for bounce.


It's so great! I wonder if it would fuzz up after a couple of wears? I get in and out of the SUV (picking up kids) a lot. Or, is it a "special occassion" knit to be worn on evenings out with hubby?


My life is now fullfilled Wendy, thank you sooo much *sheepish grin* I now will continue on with knitting the skirt.I fell in love with it months ago, searched and bought the pattern and then haulted onit until you were the ...well..guinea pig making it LOL. It's sooo Fab!! Love it!!


That's a nice looking skirt, except you're missing just one thing to complete the outfit. Where's that HOT lips vest? (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

If I had been endowed with different physical attributes (i.e. boobs) then I'm sure I'd knit myself one. I'll just have to get by with socks, beanies and sweaters I suppose.


Oh. My. GOSH!!! That's INCREDIBLE!!! I'll just have to get over my gauge issues to get crankin on my mini, because I MUST have one of my own!

I, too would LOVE to hear your notes on this pattern, the short-rows and elastic! And, thanks! for being the test pilot on this pattern, I'm sure a bunch of us will be knitting minis from your super-hot example! Beautiful FO!!!


I love the skirt, shoes, Girlfriend, and skeins of yarn, but what I'm truly jealous of is your photographer. He's standing on a footstool! Getting an angle! My husband will take my FO shots, but I'm lucky if I'm in focus... Anyway, fabulous.


How is it that you can get away with not only a knitted skirt, but a skirt that short? It's so not fair. My dear, you look fantastic. And I love the socks. And the shoes. And, of course, the skirt.


Fantastic! - I have to make that and I have a stash of blue sky sportweight! I hope I look half as good!

townie girl

You can keep your husband (he IS yours alone, after all!) --- I want your THIGHS.


hey it's HHWV! hi!

sweet skirt by the way and lovely shoes.

Valerie in San Diego

Soooo sexy! Great job!!!


Your skirt is perfect in every way. Please wear it to your daughter's preschool -- make those snarky moms covet watcha got -- and you've got it!


About Madonna? Before the "pointy bra", many years ago, she came into one of my client's clinical laboratory, which was then located near to St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica. I used to work for a large corporate giant in the medical industry and we sold them a chemistry analyzer that ran a battery of tests.

One day, she came in with her body guards to get a blood test done. She was so petite, in everyway. My client was so surprised with the way she looked in her everyday get up...nothing special.

Anyway, love the combination of the mini, knee-hi's and the shoes.

I. Need. To. Work. Out. PERIOD!

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