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October 26, 2006



Gorgeous. Isn't knitting a skirt in a wool-ish yarn hard though? Doesn't it stretch? I always thought skirts are best knit in cotton or some other inelastic yarn. But it looks great!


This is knit at such a tight gauge that it honestly drapes perfectly. No stretch to be noticed. But it is short. That could have something to do with it...


Love the skirt on you. I also love the photography crew. Very nice, indeed.....


Yay! It's finished!! It's lovely! Perfect fit! And I apologize for being momentarily distracted by the stray skeins in the picture.


Love the photo shoot. Love the socks. Love the skirt!

Great job all the way around.


Thanks, it's a little weird doing the model thing when you're not really a model and your child is jumping up and the dog and the cat and the...(But I wanted to show you the skirt).

Debi Leshin

it's stunning Wendy! And every minute you spend in the gym, aside from being great blog fodder, is clearly worth it when you can pull off this look as beautifully as you have (not to mention the lovely knitting!) Well done! :)


The skirt is absolutely FANTASTIC -- rock on, Wendy! :)


Yeah, my guess is that you have to have just the right figure for that one. I'm thinking if it would take 20 skeins of yarn to knit it, it's probably not the right look for the wearer. Looks really cute on you, though.

And, it's fun to see the photographer in the background on that second shot. Almost like a self-portrait, in a way.


that second photo is wonderful, just love the look on all three of your faces :)
And the skirt looks fab


Awesome Wendy! You pull the look off so well! :)


Love the skirt!!! The second photo is great - Girlfried is turning her nose up at those red shoes, though - too cute.


It's so flattering. I think your daughter in the photo is eyeing it and wondering how many years til she can borrow your good clothes. Look out!

Miz Booshay

It's just fab! You're just fab!

My problem would have been the socks and shoes....and the shirt to wear with it....and you chose brilliantly!

You are the amazing stylish Wendy!

Oh...and the other problem with me and the skirt...the size of my butt...



i'm totally obsessed with that skirt but haven't pulled the trigger yet. i'm assuming you made the shorter length? i'd love to hear about your short row adjustments because you may have just put me over the edge into the yarn buying vortex. damn it.


Gorgeous! You and the family!
Let us know how it wears please. I am curious about sitting and stretching it out.
It's a shame the shoes don't get worn more, they're great.


You look great in that outfit! The skirt fits perfectly. It all works, and I'd just practice my best walking to be able to wear it without falling. The photo is full, yes, full of things I'd love to comment on, but then this would be my blog, wouldn't it. The sweater on the mannequin, the cat in the corner, HHWV looking awesome, the yarn trail, Girlfriend, all reflected in a mirror. I'm thinking HHWV is an actual professional photographer at this point.

Dorothy B

Fabulous! I love it too. It almost makes me want to show off my varicose covered gams.

My Merino Mantra

The skirt turned out great, and you look wonderful in it. Too bad about the shoes, because they are cute! Could you wear them with another outfit, sans socks, and not fall? It would be a shame though, as that look is so pulled together.


It looks great, Wendy! I've been waiting to see what you think of it since I know you've been a wee bit obsessed with it since you saw it. :) And really, it looks perfect!

(and I love GF and HWWV in the background of the second picture!)


It turned out great and looks fab on you! I ditto everyone else's comments - you pulled the outfit together nicely and I love the ruby slippers - even if they are hazardous to your health!! Clever HWWV to get himself in the pic without showing his face!! And the sweater - is that for the you-know??


that's just awesome. i maintain that you are the fastest knitter on the planet, and you definitely have an amazing eye for what's going to work as an actual wearable item. i can't believe you don't wear your own good more often!


It's great!! Love the last picture and how HWWV still can't really be seen. Computer boy wants to know if his usual outfit is shorts and flip-flops.


Those photos are great! And that skirt is absolutely fantastic on you!


I have a crush on HWWV. Oh yeah, and the skirt's ok, too.

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