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July 05, 2006



Check this link out: http://secure.elann.com/productlist.asp?SHORTGAUGE=19-20+st%2F4%22+Worsted+Weight&PRODUCTTYPE=5&findyarnsb.x=33&findyarnsb.y=14&findyarnsb=submit

The Berroco Glace and the Jaeger Albany would work and they're pretty dang inexpensive!!!

Gina L.

Yah, boys knit! That mother has a terrible attitude. I know a young man that wrote his college essay about "Juggling Knitting with Football." He swears that it got him into UCLA. During World War I the Red Cross put out an urgent call for knitted goods. They taught BOYS and girls to knit. I found this poem from May 1918 the Seattle School Bulletin printed this patriotic knitting song:

Johnnie, get your yarn, get your yarn, get your yarn;
Knitting has a charm, has a charm, has a charm,
See us knitting two by two,
Boys in Seattle like it too.
Hurry every day, don’t delay, make it pay.
Our laddies must be warm, not forlorn mid the storm.
Hear them call from o’re the sea,
‘Make a sweater, please for me.’
Over here everywhere,
We are knitting for the boys over there,
It’s a sock or a sweater, or even better
To do your bit and knit a square.

Gina L.

See this article for a little history on America knitting. The song is quoted from this article.

PS- Wendy Sizzzzzle is so hot, I can't wait to give it a try!


Thanks so much for this pattern. I love it! And thanks especially for the larger sizes!


Love this pattern! I can't wait to get to the LYS monday to get me some yarn for this one.


Thank you for adding plus sizes!!! :-))
I've just downloaded the pattern and can't wait to start!

Knitting Nettie

I have 340 yards of 2 ply silk....would that work? I bought this yarn from a lady who came into my yarn shop at random, and this is all the info I have on the yarn. It was just so beautiful I bought it from her, but now I want to find something to knit it up into :-)


Very flattering top. Think it would work with a tape yarn?

Darci McGrath

Wondering...do you think that Knitpicks Main Line would be a substitute - Main Line
Content: 75% Pima Cotton, 25% Merino Wool
Amount: 82 yards/50 gram ball
Gauge: 4.5 sts=1" on #7-8 needles - Off by a 2 on the stitch...perhaps???


What about a size 40" bust? how come it was left out? thanks!


Hooray, the Paypal cleared! Can't wait to get the pattern. I'm so close, so close!


Almost done with the back and have to say that I'm absolutely diggin' this pattern. Subbed with Svale in almost the exact colorway of your original. Thanks for helping to add some sizzle to the Florida girl.


I have finished the back and am on the seed stitch for the front. I'm adding a few beads to give it some dazzle to match the sizzle!

Arlington, Va.

I just finished this -- my second knitting project! -- and am happy to wear it. I'm very short-waisted, so instead of six rows between decreases/increase for darts, I used four.

I used the Rowan all-seasons cotton and a #7 needle and it's lovely.



so, what other yarns have worked for folks with this pattern??


Beautiful sweater. Just the kind of sexy little number that I've been looking for. I've just sent my payment and will cast on as soon as I get the pattern! Thanks.


yeah! just got the pattern. I suprisingly found Berroco Glace on sale for $3/skein at a Ben Franklin in my area :) I just hope I dont mess up.


holy shit that is cute.

LOVE this site...


Hi Wendy,
I'm currently knitting Sizzle, and I can't tell if I'm particularly daft or if something is wrong.

When working the back, bottom-up, and k2tog-ing and ssk-ing, does one also psso the ssk? Or no psso?

I've not been psso-ing, and I'm worried. I don't feel like it's decreasing on that side of the center, but it might be too early to tell.



Please please tell me there's a crochet version!! :)


I love this so much, but I can't knit! :( Could I commission this piece? If you give me an estimate of the cost I can pay you via PayPal or money order. :)



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