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July 09, 2006



Cute little top - I'm going to make one for my GD. Thanks for the "recipe"!
I agree with working on a small project between big ones. I recently completed a pair of socks and immediately cast on for a Clapotis, my first (I know - I'm behind the times - but I thought it was going to be more complicated than it is!). I'm trying to not have so many WIPs going at once but the clappy, she gets a little boring after awhile so I'm making M-D "warshrags". Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Erica B.

What a cute top! Girlfriend is so adorable... it's like she's growing right before my eyes!

Miss Scarlett

OMG!! I know exactly what you mean. I hear everything people say around me --- but somehow I have trouble hearing at work? Must be all the kids.

I have a story to share about 'eavesdropping'. I was in Coffee 'n Donut kind of place and three tables away from me and my boyfriend are these two men. A little like the kind of people who no longer go to your gym - but older and much, much dirtier (at least I hope, or no wonder they aren't allowed back!). They are having an intense conversation - and so were we. I'm in mid-sentence when I hear one man casually say to the other "I got a call from Guatamala. He was wondering...". I couldn't help myself. "Guatamala?!?" I repeated out loud.

Out LOUD. My boyfriend choked on his coffee and I got a look and a half from the two guys who then spoke much more quietly.

Come on. Guatamala. The country called you?

Anyways no one has let me forget. I think about it everytime I overhear someone. And I laugh.

Girlfriend's top is so cute. Man are you fast!


You are too freakn clever for me. I can't wait to apply your formula to my daughter. It's fabulous.
Hope the potted plant trick works. Done the same thing myself.
BTW...I neglected to comment on your last post, but talked about it on my blog. It's a disturbing point with our society.


I made a top like that last year for my DD....it is the only thing that I actually designed.

That is going to be one big plant!


love that top, i've been looking for a simple pattern for the grandaughter to work on this summer and she'll love this i think and she can make it herself and learn a few new tricks to boot! i hope if your plant is going to hide the ac it can tolerate COLD temps! can you drape some lovely netting or lace fabric over the thing to hide it? i'll call my mom for ideas she's always hiding unsightly things with other things! good luck!


great little top for girlfriend. i love a good formula pattern! it leads to such creativity because you can mix and match all you like :)

Darci McGrath

Love the top and the formula is my favorite type of pattern. Will work one of those up for my wee niece and my full-size daughters...

Gina L.

Wendy thanks for giving something else to knit for Chicky. This is just the type of top she loves!
BTW- You are hilarious.


Cute top and it seems simple enough--me thinks me can do it, lol :)


That top is so perfect on Girlfriend! I can't believe you made it so quickly!
BTW...really looking foreward to your book!!!


The thought of a whole book of Wendy designs makes me positively giddy. :D


Amazing top! GF is so sweet, and growing so fast :-)


You've got crappy vision but your hearing is supersensitive? Sounds like you're Matt Murdock/Daredevil. You could use soundwaves to 'see' things around you. Just joking. That top looks awesome on Girlfriend! Very cute.


There's nothing more rich than weird snippets of conversation. GF is too adorable!!

Dorothy B

What a cute little top! Thanks for the pattern. I'm going to make one for my little girl.
People talk about the wierdest things out in public where everyone who doesn't want to, can hear.


Totally off topic but noticed that you're listening to Corinne Bailey Rae. What do you think about the CD? I've been eyeing it at Starbucks and I have to admit that the best CD's I own - I purchased at Starbucks.

S t a c i

Wendy - If I'm not mistaken, Knitty Gritty has started showing new episodes lately. Any idea when yours will air?


Gorgeous, as always. Both GF and the top.

I'm with you on the acute hearing phenom - along with scent! Oh my gawd, I wish I couldn't perceive most the things I do. What's even worse, I've since had my eyes lasered, and now I have the most acute senses of smell, hearing AND sight. No wonder I'm a neurotic mess.


Supercute, Wendy! Just today my 9yo was looking for something to knit. I think this would be a perfect project for her, but in pink and purple, she says.

I'm amazed by the things people say, too. Like the guy next to us in line at Disneyworld. He was on his cell phone, just letting the f-word fly.


Great looking little top! :)


Totally CUTE! What a lucky little girlfriend!

Can't wait for the book! ;)


Love the top you made for girlfriend--I'm going to make one for my little (4-1/2) daughter.

Keep creating!!!! Tks!


Ooh! It's beautiful! My daughter approves. :)

Thanks... I may very well give it a go!

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