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July 05, 2006


Karen B.

Funny thing is, I've often wondered about the thigh belt thing myself. One day, I was this-close to asking a kid who was so attired to tell me exactly how his pants stayed up.

I think he woulda clocked me.


Arrrrghhh - I often have gift envy when I spy all the cool things US bloggers send to US bloggers without the constraints of Air Mail Postage - now I have Cruise envy....way too far away...but I can dream


I love the new office! And I can't wait for Sizzle!


nice job on the office! i wish my desk looked that tidy. i don't get the pants thing either. the thing that is even funnier is the kids that wear them really low to show off their boxers and then wear BRIEFS UNDER THEIR BOXERS. um, boxers ARE your underwear. why do you feel the need to wear undies under your undies? (sorry, undies is Aussie slang for underwear. we shorten everything).

Miz Booshay

Droopy drawers are the bee-hive, the mini skirt, the fu man choo of this generation. There's no explaning it.


Liz K.

I used to teach middle school, and let me tell you, if there is one thing you do NOT want to see, it is a twelve year old boy's booty. Blech! Pull up your damn pants, son!


I went to an all-girls school and we "pantsed" people all the time. We wore these little pleated skirts and you'd walk down the hall and flip skirts up on people. Heck, I was a total nerd and even *I* pantsed people. The key was to wear your gym shorts under your skirt. I spent so many years wearing shorts under skirts that, even now, I have to wear a slip as a substitute or I feel naked. At least my mother is happy about the slip thing.


Great, I've been waiting anxiously for the shell pattern!

Frankly I don't understand the self-pantsing thing, either. I passed a guy walking on the street last week who was having a really hard time making forward progress--and I quicly realized it was because his pants were about three inches above his knees. I've heard of us girls sacrificing comfort (and sometimes the ability to walk at a normal pace) in the name of cute shoes, but this was just ridiculous.


I saw a homeless person the other day that sported the exact pants down with the undies showing look. I was thinking to myself, this person is really stylish! That sock knitting cruise sounds soo great. I was just on a cruise and I knitted 2 pairs of socks, and to my surprise, I was not the only one on board doing the same thing.


You think you go to school now -- wait till she's in elementary school. I swear, when my kids were in 2nd and 3rd grade I had more homework than they did.


I love your office, very serene. I could never figure out the no-shoe-lace look, with the boys walking out of their shoes with every step. How do these things start?


I'm with you on the school thing. My son is in middle school, and I go there every stinkin' night in my dreams. Last night was a double whammy: 1) I was late to class, and 2) it was gym class. Aaarrrgh.

Miss Scarlett

Oh man! Now I want to book that cruise! I just booked a cruise for next September - but it doesn't come with any yarn. Maybe I can rationalize booking both somehow...it is a repositioning cruise so it costs less. We could drive down the Oregon Coast to LA...we do end up one hour from home...Tempting. Very tempting.

Your office looks incredibly serene. I have office envy.

Oh I am so excited about Sizzle!!

Those pants kill me. And those shoes without laces? I know a toddler who insists on the same thing because he has a teenage brother - he never falls and he runs and climbs all over the place. Go figure.


i AM a jr high teacher and live in fear of a free shot! the good thing is that those jerseys are long enough to cover, i think.
love the office Wendy. good thing it wasn't done when your guests were there you may have accidently locked yourself in!


Love your new office space -- and congratulations on your forthcoming book!


Wendy, your office is fantastic!!! Can't wait for Sizzle!!! Oh, and your hair looks fine to me ;-)


The office is inspiring...very clean, tidy...very nice Wendy.

The pants: my theory is that they are having so much fun that when they have to go to the bathroom, they don't want to take the time to pull down their pants, so they just do them half way so they can just "wip it out" in a hurry and go. hahahahaha...silly theory, I know.


Woo Hoo! Can hardly hold in the excitement I'm feeling for Sizzle!

The new office looks great... very peaceful but not so peaceful you'll fall asleep or start dreaming too much about cruising.


I like the way the flower seem to be part of your hair -- photo perspective. I though maybe you were channelling something Geisha.


I saw it, I saw it...Sizzle that is. It is beautiful, the pictures look fantastic!


On a regular basis (only at home) I pants my middle son. I keep telling him that if he wore his pants where they're supposed to be he wouldn't lose them so easily. I have offered to buy him and his friends suspenders.

I still have my shorthand book from high school, it's a great conversation piece. I think my top speed in typing class was 105...

Gina L.

Your new office is very sleek and organized beautifully. That is the "Wendy Lou Who Do" you're wearing! I like it. Summer school --- eeks oh well, Girlfriend is a an age where she can just play and have fun. Plus it's a good chance for you to have some alone time.

Darci McGrath

Your office inspires me...I have the room just not the order...must make that a priority.

Yea for Sizzle.


The office looks wonderful. I can't wait for Sizzle - what an appropriate name!


Your office looks fantastic! I actually have a table almost exactly like yours, mine just has dark wood base/horses (that is what they are called right)
Well I am too excited for sizzle! yummy!!!!!

oh and come on the cruise...did you see daycare is available bring girlfriend!!!!

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