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June 15, 2006



If anyone can cause the knitted fabric to conform to your wishes simply by strength of will and strong thought, it's you. Repeat after me: It will fit. It will fit. It will fit...


Any chance you could make a couple of side panels to insert between the front and back panels?

Or does it become a tube dress for girlfriend? ;-)


It all works out in the blocking...And I'm not implying that you need to lose any weight at all, but it might be a nice inspiration to exorcise. And exorcise never did anyone any harm. And I think you're gonna look hot in it either way.


I hope she doesn't have to exorcise to get into that skirt.....her Priest might get irked *grin*

Wendy, it's super cute though, I bet once it's blocked etc it'll fit


Look, you have super slinky bod (either that or HWWV's photography works miracles) and I bet it will look fab with just a tiny bit of streeeetch.


wow, that's a fierce looking bunny! He (she? no, can't be...)looks like a cat mobster, fantastic! GRRRAAAWL ;-)


Wasn't the 'thing' with knit skirts is that they stretch? So there you go!


I am going with the miracle of blocking. Or an exorcism *wink*.


I am going with the miracle of blocking. Or an exorcism *wink*.

the kitchener bitch

That is so blockable. Keep going! It's knit, right? That means stretch. More stretch than you likely need.

Miss Scarlett

That is only half of the skirt right? I think it will totally fit. Knit clothing stretches - I still think it will look fantastic on you.


Ahhh it's good to know that someone else chants the "it'll fit" mantra in their head. Just so you know, I think between blocking and natural stretch, it'll actually fit. Besides, if you can pull off Dior glossy's, you can pull off this skirt. P.S. Love the cat!


Doesn't look too off...perhaps a blocking?

At least your kitty got an animal name...the girls have a thing for food, so we have a fish named Macaroni, and a turtle named Broccoli.


You know I have nothing but love for ya girl so this is why I ask "Why are you doing this to yourself?" It's a knitted skirt. Deep in your heart you know the truth. Not that you don't have the body for a cute little skirt but this is a knitted skirt. It was from you that I learned the horrors of the knitted skirt. Think of all the lovely properly fitting things you could do with that yarn.

Miz Booshay

I would cast on the next size for the back (or front) to have just a few more stitches to work with...
But I bet you already thought of that!


Hm. I think the sizing on that puppy is off anyway. How about an extra pleat on either side of the back, making the back half larger than the front half so that the seams cross the continental divide of the thigh? No? I'm still confused as to why the skirt isn't worked in the round in the pattern. Did they need the seams for stability? Hm.


And I think, once the size issue gets straightened out (25-inch circumference my @#$%) it will look formidable. Look, anybody who can do this http://knitandtonic.typepad.com/./photos/uncategorized/flashstash.jpg

can do that skirt with one thigh tied behind her back.


I think another poster mentioned adding an extra panel in the back. I would block the front first to see if you get the stretch required. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that it will fit. Puleez, puleez...


I echo Saun's comment regarding the horrors of knitted skirts.

It must have been an interesting knit, though, with those pleats - so nothing wasted, it's a learning experience.

S t a c i

Well, at least it isn't a maxi-skirt that required $500 worth of yarn...


I too am confused why that wouldn't be in the round. Huh. But I am interested to see just what happens! I've barely graduated to knittings tops, so I have little advice for SKIRTS!

That cat looks... bemused. :-)


I think it isn't knitted in the round, first because a lot of designers don't do things in the round for some reason, and the other reason is because it is done on teeny tiny needles and if you did it in the round it would feel like it was taking you two years to complete it.


Block it girl, block it!


As long as I've been reading your blog, I always thought that "bunny" was infact a BUNNY...lol!

Even the time I was at the house, I evnvied how clean your carpet was for having a "bunny" running around the house!


i had a cat that looked just like The Bunny, his name was Speedo. Q: How did The Bunny get it's name?

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